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PCSE GP Pension bulletin - 2019 February

Important information for GPs

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - End of year pension administration
The deadline for practitioners to submit their Annual Certificates or Self-Assessment forms is 28th February.
The deadline for GP practices to submit their Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/ Pay form to PCSE is 1 March.

  • You can download a pension administrations timeline here
  • You can download the forms from the NHS Pensions website here
  • For further information and guidance on submitting forms, please click here.
Your practice should have received copies of this Pension Administration Guide via CitySprint. Multiple copies have been sent for practices to hand out to practitioners.
You can also download a copy of this information here.

Type 2 medical practitioner ‘amnesty forms’ and historical certificates for GP providers (Type 1) and non GP providers

As you may be aware, Total Reward Statements (TRS) from NHS Pensions will not show up to date information if there are missing certificates for any years.

If you have submitted certificates for later years following a missing certificate, they will not load onto the system until the missing certificate is submitted.

NHS Pensions has released new Type 2 medical practitioner ‘amnesty forms’. Practitioners should use these forms to send PCSE certificates for any missing years from 2009/10 to 2016/17. NHS Pensions has also added historical forms for GP provider (Type 1) and non GP providers dating back to 2009/10 to their website, along with the guidance notes for those years.

PCSE is up to date with the processing of historic pension forms/certificates. Therefore, if you have previously submitted a form/certificate but your TRS is not showing up to date information, please re-submit the information to PCSE using the new amnesty forms or historical certificates.


Using these forms/certificates to send PCSE information for any missing years will help practitioners to get their pension records up to date as soon as possible.
  • Please ensure any Locum or SOLO work carried out is also included on the form
  • The forms/certificates do not need to be signed if the contact email address provided when it is submitted is an nhs.net email address.  If you do not have an nhs.net email address you will need to ensure that the form/certificate has a handwritten signature.

NHS England is carrying out a complete review of all pension scheme data, led by an independent pension expert. This will involve an analysis of all practitioner pension information. If the review shows any gaps in data, and practitioners do not use the amnesty forms or historical certificates to update their record, they will be contacted directly by PCSE with clear advice on what to do next.

All forms and certificates can be downloaded from the NHS Pensions website

Once they are complete, please submit them to PCSE via the online enquiries form available here. Select GP Pensions from the drop down menu.

Please note: Any queries about Total Reward Statements (TRS) that are not up to date should be sent to NHS Pensions in the first instance as there may be other reasons why the information on the statement is not up to date. You can contact the NHS Pensions Member Helpline on 0300 330 1346 (0044 191 2790571 if you are calling from overseas).

Contacting PCSE
You can contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 (open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday), or click here to send us an enquiry via our online form. Your query can then be logged, tracked and sent to the right team as quickly as possible.
If you need to follow up on a query, please quote the case reference number to help us quickly identify it.
You can also try our online help for answers to the most
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