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GP Bulletin - 2019 January

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:

GP Payments and Pensions
Performers List
Information Pack
Contacting PCSE

Because most of the queries we receive into our Customer Service Centre can be answered from our frequently asked questions (FAQs), we’ve recently reviewed and re-organised the FAQs for Registrations to help make information easier to find.

On our
Help page, you can find FAQs for all of our services. We hope you find them useful.
Special Allocation Scheme Patient information
If a Special Allocation Scheme (SAS) patient attempts to register with a mainstream GP Practice, no warning or preventative message will be received by the practice's clinical system. However, once the registration is received by PCSE via the GP link, the flag on the patient's record warns PCSE that the patient is subject to the Special Allocation Scheme.
PCSE will then reject the registration and send a rejection note to the practice stating the patient is on the scheme, and to remove the registration from their clinical system. This usually happens within three working days.

PCSE will then contact the patient by post to say that as they are still subject to the Special Allocation Scheme, they are unable to register at a practice of their choice and that their registration with your practice has been cancelled.

New form for patient removals
A new form is available to request patient removals. It can be downloaded from the Registrations page of the PCSE website or from the ‘News’ section here. Please use this new version of the form when requesting a removal.
Importance of including patient gender on patient record
When registering patients on your clinical system, please ensure the gender of the patient you are registering is clear by including either the M (for male) or F (for female) flag on the patient record. Please do not select ‘I’ (Indeterminate).
If the gender of the patient is not registered as male or female they cannot be included in appropriate screening programmes.
If a patient is in the process of transitioning gender, please ask them if they wish to be registered as male or female. Your practice will need to put processes in place to ensure that patients in the process of transitioning gender will continue to be called for relevant screening programmes.

Guidance on Residential Institute (RI) Codes
There are currently a number of different processes used in different areas to link patients to residential institutes.  To make things simpler to follow, two new RI codes have been created that can be used nationally. Please read the new guidance on this which can be accessed in the ‘Help’ section of our website here.
GP Payments and Pensions
Childhood immunisation deadline approaching

Please upload/submit your patient list for childhood immunisations to Open Exeter by 2 February 2019. PCSE cannot process payments for lists that are submitted after this deadline.
Practices that miss this deadline would need to contact their NHS England local team who may instruct the payment at their discretion.

Submitting GP payment and pensions documents and queries to PCSE
Reminder – Please note that any old email addresses for the GP payments and pensions teams are no longer monitored. From December 2017, all queries and documents should have been submitted via the online enquiries form.
If you have submitted an email to PCSE since December 2017, it won’t have been received by the team and you will need to re-submit using the online enquiries form.
Performers List
PCSE is not able to process NPL2 or NPL3 applications before the date the change becomes effective. However, Performers can submit requests to the PCSE Performers List team prior to the effective date of the change, and PCSE can begin to prepare the case by ensuring all necessary information has been provided.
Information Pack
To keep you informed of changes and improvements we are making to our services, we will be communicating more frequently with GP practices during 2019.
Your practice should receive an envelope of information with your CitySprint collection/delivery over the next few weeks. It will be addressed for the attention of the practice manager and contains important information for various members in your practice on:


Annual pension administration
Details on actions required and timescales for end of year pension administration.

  • Please can you share these with practitioners in your practice.
  • You can also download a copy of this information here.
New online form for requesting urgent medical records
From 1 March, all urgent medical record requests should be sent to PCSE using the new online form.

  • Please can you share this flyer with your medical records administration team.
  • You can download a copy of this flyer here.
Sending cervical screening requests and queries to PCSE
PCSE has recently launched a new online form for all screening requests and queries. The flyer outlines the benefits of using the form.

  • Please share with your practice nurse / screening lead.
  • You can download a copy of this flyer here.
Submitting Locum pension contributions online
Details for Locums on how to submit and pay their pension contributions online.

  • Please can you share with Locums in your practice. 
  • You can download a copy of this flyer here.
We appreciate your help in getting the right information to the right people in your practice.


Contacting PCSE
You can contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 (open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday), or Click here to send us an enquiry via our online form. Your query can then be logged, tracked and sent to the right team as quickly as possible.
If you need to follow up on a query, please quote the case reference number to help us quickly identify it.
You can also try our online help for answers to the most
frequently asked questions from our customers.

Best wishes,
Primary Care Support England