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Important information about GP patient data lists

To ensure patients are always receiving the right level of care from their GP it is essential that all GP practice patient lists are kept up to date. The list of patients held for your patients on NHAIS is very important as this is the list which is used to, invite patients for cancer screening, childhood vaccination programmes, calculate the practice payments and identify where a patient’s medical record and other clinical histories should be sent. PCSE has now commenced the list reconciliation project, requesting a copy of the patient list from the GP practice’s clinical system and comparing this to the list held on the NHAIS system to identify any differences.

The 10 day timescale

Patient data requested from your practice must be received by PCSE within 10 days of the request. This is as per the guidelines laid out by NHS England and is set at that level to ensure the data is as accurate as possible when compared to the NHAIS system. We appreciate that this timeline may feel tight but it is necessary, due to the speed and volumes of changes amongst patient lists with new registrations, amendments and deductions of patients that take place on a daily basis.  If a practice does not respond in these timescales, PCSE is required to notify the responsible commissioner, delegated CCG or NHS England regional team who will work with the GP practice to complete outstanding actions.

The process

Once the data is received by PCSE we will assess it against the current NHAIS data and highlight any discrepancies to you to review. The whole process should be completed within 40 days from start to finish. The next routine list reconciliation request will be in 3 years’ time, unless there was a requirement for an additional reconciliation due to a list size discrepancy or change of clinical system before that date.

The diagram below explains the process in more detail:

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