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Introducing new online services for Ophthalmic Payments and Performers List - 2019 July

Welcome to this special bulletin about the new services that will be available on PCSE Online later this year.

In this update you can read more about:

Electronic GOS submissions and online statements

Performers List entry and change notifications

What you need to do

NHS England and Primary Care Support England are introducing easy-to-use systems to simplify and speed up the processes for Ophthalmic Payments and Performer List management.

We will introduce online processes for:

  • Securely submitting and tracking GOS claims
  • Viewing ophthalmic payment statements
  • Submitting National Performer List applications and change notifications

Electronic GOS submissions and online statements

PCSE is developing new digital services for ophthalmic payments that will enable you to submit GOS claims electronically and view statements online.

PCSE Online is a web-based option for submitting GOS forms.  You will simply log on to the secure area of the PCSE website, select the appropriate GOS form and complete the necessary details.

The information for the online forms will be much the same as is currently required for paper GOS forms but the electronic system will automatically validate each entry.  This means any missing information or errors will be flagged up before the form can be submitted, significantly reducing the likelihood of forms being rejected and improving the accuracy of payments.  The forms can be authorised using electronic signatures.

Once submitted, you will be able to see the status of claims and view your statements online.

eGOS is the new solution for optical practices that use Practice Management Systems (PMS).  Customer information will be populated directly from the details captured in the PMS before being authorised using electronic signatures and then securely submitted for payment.  PCSE is working with PMS providers who are developing this technology to offer to their clients.

The new e-services will bring a number of benefits for those working in the sector, including the ability to submit GOS claims in real time, greater accuracy of payments and more detailed online statements.  The need for manual processing and postage will be significantly reduced. 

What’s happening to the paper forms?

Where practices are unable to adopt eGOS or PCSE Online, the paper forms will still be available. All the existing GOS forms are being replaced with re-designed and modernised forms that will use scan-friendly technology (similar to the format of driving licence and passport application forms). 

Current plans are for the new forms to be introduced in 2020.

When will the online payment service be available?

Practices who have signed up as early adopters will be able to use PCSE Online for ophthalmic payments from August 2019.  Once the first roll-out phase is complete, other practices will be invited to start using the online service from October 2019.

Practices who use Practice Management Systems (PMS) should speak to their PMS provider to find out more about their plans to roll out electronic payment solutions on their systems.

Colleagues who work for the large chains should speak to their head office about plans to roll out the new e-payment solutions across their stores.

PLEASE BE AWARE:  GOS 3 vouchers from August 2019

From August 2019, Early Adopters of the new e-payment services – PCSE Online or eGOS – will be able to print and give a copy of the GOS 3 voucher to a patient.

These vouchers will appear different to current vouchers and include a unique reference number and authorisation code. Click here to see an example.

If the patient chooses to take their GOS3 voucher to another Early Adopter practice that is using PCSE Online or eGOS it will be possible for that practice to search for it electronically using the reference number and authorisation code.  The GOS 3 claim process can then be continued on PCSE Online or eGOS. 

However, if the other practice is not an Early Adopter using PCSE Online or eGOS, the remainder of the GOS3 should be completed by hand and submitted with any other paper GOS3 form as normal, with the appropriate batch header attached.


Performers list entry and change notification

Admission (NPL1)

All new applications to join the performers lists will be made online.  The online application form will be accessed via PCSE Online.

Change notifications (NPL2 and 3)

Performers needing to notify of a change in their circumstance or status (e.g. change of name, address, or NHS England local office) will also be able to do this via the new, intuitive online service on the PCSE website.  All performers will need login details to gain access to PCSE Online. Information will be provided on how this will work in due course.

What difference will the new developments make?

These new processes will be simpler for applicants and performers. They will remove the need for applicants and performers to download, complete and send paper forms and documents.

PCSE Online will guide performers through the application and change processes, checking information provided in real time, and highlighting any missing information which would currently lead to an application being returned to a performer for being incomplete.

Performers will also be able to track the status of applications and changes online.

When will the online service for performers list be available?

From 30 September 2019, all new ophthalmic applications to join the performers list and any change notifications should be made via PCSE Online. 

What you need to do

In September, a letter will be sent to contract holders with instructions about how to register to use PCSE Online for the new services.

Some of the larger chains will be co-ordinating this centrally via the head office so please speak directly to your HQ contact for further information.

You can find out more about the benefits of the new online services on the What’s Changing section of the PCSE website.