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Cervical Screening bulletin - 2019 March

Update November 2019

Cervical Screening administration support

The Cervical Screening administration service is now managed by the NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS). All information relating to the Cervical Screening administration service can now be found on the NHS Cervical Screening Administration Service website. Please visit that page for further details, contact us page, and cervical screening administration forms.

Here is the latest PCSE bulletin for cervical screening. 

In this edition you will find updates on:
Contacting PCSE: Online forms to replace email communication
Register your organisation with PCSE to submit online enquiries and requests
Submitting colposcopy discharge lists to PCSE
How to upload a completed Colposcopy Discharge list via the online form
Lab Link exceptions
Incorrect sender codes
Incorrect results
Notifying SITs
HPV Primary Screening
Improvements to the call/recall service
Dedicated Screening Engagement Team
Transfer of services from ACE, Clacton
Contacting PCSE: Online forms to replace email communication
At the end of last year, we introduced new online forms for all cervical screening queries and requests.  The forms guarantee the quickest possible response time and are the best way to contact PCSE.
Our Engagement Team has been promoting the forms and have received positive feedback at recent programme boards in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
One person said: “The first time I used the online form for a cervical screening query, I received a response and resolution in three days.  Based on that experience I will use the form for any more queries I have.”
The forms are intuitive and have been designed so that the information PCSE requires to identify, address and resolve a query can be captured when you initially complete and submit the form.   There are different enquiry types to choose from to ensure your query or request gets to the appropriate team.
Enquiry types, include:

  • Cease, reinstate and deferral requests
  • Colposcopy discharge lists
  • Cancer Research UK (CRUK) requests
  • Laboratory queries
  • Cervical screening test results  
  • General screening enquiries

There is the facility to upload relevant attachments to support your enquiry or submission.
Once you send your form, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your submission, along with a case reference number (e.g. CAS-123456-A1B2C3) which you can use to follow-up on your enquiry if needed.

In the second half of this year, the forms will replace emails for your cervical screening enquiries.  In preparation for this, we would encourage everyone to move to using the online forms for all screening queries and requests as soon as possible.

Accessing the online forms

  • Please visit the ‘Contact us’ page of the PCSE website
  • Select the relevant option for your screening query type from the drop down menu under Enquiries
  • Enter the required details as requested on the form

Keep a record of your case reference number and use it in any subsequent correspondence about your query.
Please note, the pcse.screening@nhs.net email address is no longer in use so please do not use it.
You can also contact PCSE by calling our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.  The opening hours for the Customer Support Centre are 08.00-17.00, Monday-Friday.


IMPORTANT: Register your organisation to ensure you can submit enquiries
In order for the online form to be used securely and for PCSE to respond to questions and queries in a timely way, you need to be registered with us.  For data security reasons, PCSE can only respond to queries from people who have registered.
*Laboratories, colposcopy clinics, sexual health clinics and SITs
If you work in a colposcopy or sexual health clinic, a laboratory or Screening and Immunisation Team, you should have received a message from PCSE requesting you send your ‘main contact’ and additional authorised contacts to us so that we can register your organisation and named representatives. 
If you have not received this message or haven’t replied, please download and complete the relevant spreadsheet from the PCSE website (under FAQ number 12 'How do I register to submit a query?').

Please return your completed spreadsheet to: sara.seedat@nhs.net

Submitting colposcopy discharge lists to PCSE
Colposcopy clinics should inform PCSE of women who have been discharged from colposcopy back to Primary Care.  The method of notification is to submit a monthly discharge list via PCSE’s online form (see the above section about how to Register your organisation to ensure you can submit enquiries).   
It is recommended that colposcopy services provide data to the PCSE screening team on a monthly basis as a minimum. 
To enable the PCSE screening team to update the Next Test Due Date (NTDD) appropriately, it would be helpful if discharge lists could:

  • Be numbered sequentially when they are submitted
  • Include a date range

Some clinics already number the lists which helps us to check they are received in sequence month-to-month. 

If this is not something a clinic currently does, we would strongly encourage colposcopy clinics to start numbering their lists from ‘1’ upwards on the top of the sheet, before the discharge list is submitted to PCSE.  This will help us to identify if any lists are missing or establish if any of them have been received out of sequence, so we can follow-up with the clinic to ensure no patient updates are missed.

Each time new patients are added, they should be submitted on a new list.  Please do not add them to the end of a list that has already been supplied to PCSE.

Public Health England has produced a template for submitting the monthly lists.  Use of the template is not mandatory but PCSE requests that lists submitted in alternative formats should include the same amount of information that is required for the template. This will ensure all the necessary details are included.

Please note: The PCSE screening team cannot accept copies of GP discharge letters from colposcopy clinics as this is a breach of information governance (IG) rules. We will return any such discharge letters to the originating clinic unprocessed.
How to upload a completed Colposcopy Discharge list via the online form

  • Go to the Contact Us page and select ‘Screening – Colposcopy Discharge’ from the drop down menu under enquiry type
  • Complete the mandatory fields for your request, including the date range
  • Please remember to number your discharge list before you upload it
  • Upload the colposcopy discharge list document
  • Submit the request

You will receive a case reference number and PCSE will notify clinics if there are any records that cannot be amended.

The PCSE screening team will then update the NTDD of each woman as specified in the lists.
Lab Link exceptions
Incorrect sender code
If a laboratory sends a result with an unknown or incorrect sender code, PCSE is unable to process the result(s) with that code.  We will notify the laboratory by email to explain the sender code is not recognised and forward the Lab Link card showing the reason for rejection. 
The laboratory will be asked to provide the sender details i.e. the place where the sample was taken, to PCSE.  This will then enable us to set up the correct code and ensure the result(s) can be accurately recorded.
Incorrect results
On some occasions PCSE receives incorrect result codes which cannot be validated and are rejected back to the lab, via email, with a request for the correct result to be resent. 
The validation rules can be found in the Colposcopy and Programme Management guide (Publication 20).
We recognise there can be a variety of different reasons results codes cannot be validated, such as the result and action combination being incorrect, or the HPV flag not being set correctly.  Where we reject results codes, please can we ask these are checked on the weekly report and amended so the result can be recorded.
Please check reports from PCSE
On receipt of results files, PCSE validate the files and issue a confirmation of receipt back to the laboratory.  This includes:

  • The number of records received
  • Details of any results failing validation requiring laboratory action

PCSE keeps a log of all results that are still awaiting information from the laboratory. These are sent in CSLP reports to laboratories every week highlighting those results requiring further information or follow up.
Please ensure you are checking the reports PCSE send and correct any errors or missing information.  Please also ensure you have received acknowledgement for all the lab files you have sent.
Notifying SITs
Where we have test results that have been logged for more than two weeks, which will have been sent to laboratories in the weekly CSLP report, we notify the relevant Screening and Immunisation Team to follow up locally.  We also continue to inform labs on the weekly reports.
Tests that remain logged cannot be recorded until the information is received, which means the result letter to the patient cannot be generated.
It is therefore important that PCSE receives the correct results and sender codes so that we can ensure the correct process is followed and all results can be recorded.
HPV Primary Screening

NHS England and PCSE have now agreed the approach and assurance process for the conversion of laboratories to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as primary screen.  PCSE has now commenced work with laboratories to fully plan the conversion and any technical changes that may be required in order to schedule go live dates accordingly.
In February, laboratories should have received an update from their Screening and Immunisation Team.  A number of scenarios were outlined in the guidance to help signpost next steps for laboratories and who to contact.  They also have a checklist to help laboratories produce an implementation plan, which is a prerequisite to PCSE actioning the request. 
PCSE cannot proceed with a conversion plan if it has not been endorsed by the NHS England local commissioning team, NHS Improvement Pathology Network and PHE SQAS.
Improvements to the call/recall service
We are committed to improving the service we provide and are constantly seeking to ensure we deliver high quality support for our primary care colleagues.  We acknowledge the challenges we faced last autumn around the distribution of result and invite letters, which is why we want to share some of the measures that have been put in place to improve the robustness of the service we provide:

  • Introducing more automation to increase efficiency and reduce the number of manual steps in our processing
  • Enhanced checks are now in place to ensure all letters files are sent for printing and distribution
  • Screening incident management has moved into a newly created Business Assurance team, allowing for an independent focus on the root cause of any incidents
  • All staff are undertaking refresher training on processes.

In the coming weeks, further improvements will be implemented to: 

  • Automate the sending of lab confirmation emails to ensure no files are missing and the laboratory can complete checks at their end
  • Introduce a new system giving greater visibility of work across all areas so that it can be prioritised and allocated to staff.

 We will continue to make improvements so that we deliver the best outcomes for primary care providers and their patients.
Dedicated Engagement Team for Cervical Screening
Following a review of our stakeholder engagement strategy and feedback from stakeholders, PCSE has made some changes to the structure and focus of the National Engagement Team.
What’s new?
The team:

  • Is now aligned to customer groups rather than geographical regions.  The groups include: The screening community, GPs, optometrists, pharmacies and dentists.
  • Will focus on building closer relationships with local stakeholder groups, including programme boards. We’ll work with these groups to help ensure our communications and service updates reach as broad an audience as possible.
  • Is taking a consistent approach to finding and attending national and regional events, to provide updates on PCSE services and gather your feedback 

PCSE’s Cervical Screening engagement team is available to attend regional forums such as programme boards, national events and meetings to provide updates on changes and developments in PCSE. If you’d like a member of the team to attend a regional meeting or for further information, please visit the engagement team page.
Transfer of services from ACE in Clacton to PCSE in Preston

As part of PCSE’s commitment to providing national, consistent services for primary care, we will be transferring the Cervical Screening services currently delivered by ACE in Clacton to PCSE’s site in Preston during March and April 2019.
We have written to all affected screening colleagues to advise them of this update and give further details relevant to their work. 
The service will not change but contact with the ACE office should be directed to PCSE’s Customer Support Centre and via the online forms on the PCSE website. 
Any laboratories who send their results files via email will be advised to send them to the Preston inbox from the date their service transfers.  The email address is: *deleted email address*
All contact with PCSE for queries or requests relating to Cervical screening administration support, should be via the online forms that are available on the ‘Contact Us’ page.
Any postal correspondence should be sent to our mail processing centre at:
Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN