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GP Bulletin - 2019 March


1.Information for practitioners
Annual pension administration update
NHS Pensions Amnesty forms - reminder
Important information regarding pension adjustment payments
Short term agreement – Locum A & B forms

2.Information for practices
Pension adjustment payments

GP Pensions
Information for practitioners

Annual pension administration update
As part of the requirements of the NHS Pension Scheme Regulations, GPs need to return their GP Provider Annual Certificate of Pensionable Income or the Type 2 Medical Practitioner Self-Assessment form to PCSE by 28 February each year i.e. 11 months after pension year end. It is a legal requirement for GPs to complete and submit these documents.

Although the deadline for submitting pension administration this year has passed, it is important that practitioners still complete and submit their forms to PCSE.
Any forms received past the deadline may not be reflected in the August 2019 Total Reward Statement, but will show on any future statements.

Important: If practitioners do not submit pension documentation for any one year it will result in an incomplete pension record which may affect Annual Benefit Statements (Total Reward Statements), Annual Allowance statements, etc.
NHS Pensions Amnesty forms - reminder
Practitioners should use the amnesty forms released by NHS Pensions to send PCSE certificates for any missing years from 2009/10 to 2016/17. NHS Pensions has also added historical forms for GP provider (Type 1) and non GP providers dating back to 2009/10 to their website, along with the guidance notes for those years.
Using these forms/certificates to send PCSE information for any missing years will help practitioners to get their pension records up to date as soon as possible.
Please click here to read more about these forms.
Important information regarding pension adjustment payments
Once PCSE has processed your end of year certificates/ Type 2 forms we will automatically adjust the next practice contractual payment run to account for any arrears or overpayments. 

Members do not need to take any action.

However, we recognise that some members may wish to make a payment before the end of the 18/19 tax year. In order to do this, end of year certificates must be submitted to PCSE first, and then an ad-hoc payment can be made via online banking. PCSE’s customer support centre can provide NHS England’s bank details over the phone. They can be contacted on 0333 014 2884.

When making a payment it is important to enter the reference in the following format:
Practice code – year ending for example: P82004YEND2018

If the correct payment reference is not used, the payment cannot be quickly allocated to the correct fund. This delay may result in the amount being deducted again from the practice’s next contractual payment.

Short term agreement – Locum A & B forms
Locum A & B forms, along with corresponding pension contribution payments must be submitted to PCSE within 10 weeks from the date each work placement ends.

For a short-term period only, NHS England has agreed that PCSE can accept A & B forms that have not been submitted within the ten week deadline for Locums who have
already made their pension payment by BACs/online banking within the ten week deadline.

Please note this is an interim arrangement only. Future form submissions and payment must be sent within the 10 week deadline in order for them to be accepted.
Information for practices

Pension adjustment payments
Once PCSE has processed any end of year pension administration certificates (including forms submitted as part of the NHS Pensions amnesty process) we are required to automatically adjust the next contractual payment run to account for any arrears or overpayments. Adjustments are shown clearly on the practice statement with the name of the practitioner any adjustment concerns.
In line with NHS Pension guidelines and overarching legislation, it is the responsibility of the practice to refund or recoup the adjustment directly with the practitioner concerned.
PCSE has developed a new section with FAQs regarding pension adjustments, which can be accessed
here in the ‘Help’ section of the PCSE website.

 Cervical Screening
Deferral periods must not exceed 18 months
When deferring a woman’s screening invitation please ensure the deferral period does not exceed 18 months.
Through the Prior Notification List (PNL) process, GPs may defer a woman’s screening invitation and notify PCSE by submitting a deferral form.
deferral form has recently been standardised and is available on the PCSE website (see ‘Step 3’ on PCSE’s webpage: ‘Screening administration support for GPs and Nurses.’)
In line with guidance published in the ‘
NHS cervical screening call and recall: guide to administrative good practice’ the GP practice must specify how long the deferral is for in multiples of 6 months, up to a maximum time of 18 months.  So, a woman may be postponed for 6, 12 or 18 months at any one time and the appropriate section of the form must clearly state the date in dd/mm/yyyy.
How to upload a completed deferral request via the online form
All deferral forms should be submitted to PCSE via the online form.

  • Go to the Contact Us page and select ‘Screening – Cease/Reinstate/Defer’ from the drop down menu under enquiry type
  • Complete the mandatory fields and upload the colposcopy discharge list document
  • Submit the request

PCSE will acknowledge receipt of the form and update accordingly.  You will receive a case reference number should you need to follow up on your submission.
Details of the new deferral form was shared in the December bulletin along with the new reinstate and ceasing forms which are all available in the Cervical Screening section of the
PCSE website.

Open Exeter password reset information

Primary contacts for Open Exeter (usually the practice manager in a GP practice) can reset passwords and add other users in their NHS organisation directly. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

If you would like to set up an additional primary contact at your practice, please click
here to read guidance.


New guidance added to ‘Help’ section
We are continuously updating the FAQs in the 'Help' section of the PCSE website, and most of the queries we receive into our customer service centre can be resolved using the guidance in this section.
We have recently refreshed our guidance on what to do if you are trying to order personalised pads, but the practitioner is not appearing in the drop-down list of practitioners for personalisation.
Please click
here to view the new guidance.


Common reasons for rejections of patient registrations
We will be providing practices with more information regarding patient registration rejections over the next few months, but as an interim measure we have listed a few of the most common reasons for a registration request being rejected. We hope you find this information useful.

  • Birthplace has not been provided - on a first registration or registration for an immigrant where an NHS number has not been supplied
  • No trace of address – i.e. the address provided by the practice does not exist on Royal Mail post code finder, Google or on NHAIS (this is an issue often caused by spelling errors) 
  • The patient’s previous address was Scottish or Northern Irish. If this is the case, please supply address and post code in the ‘message’ field in addition to the previous address field. This should enable the registration to go through automatically, but even if it doesn’t, it will still make it easier for the PCSE registrations teams to process efficiently
  • Mismatch of GP code. This can happen if a GP moves practices and tries to use their GP code from the previous practice. The GP should submit a Performers List change request (NPL3) for a change of practice, and a new GP code will be supplied by PCSE once the change has been confirmed. Mismatch of GP code can also happen if a GP retires and returns after 24 hours, and uses their old GP code rather than the one issued following retirement. However, new codes are not necessary where the (new) practice has a pooled list in place.

Contacting PCSE
You can contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 (open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday), or click here to send us an enquiry via our online form. Your query can then be logged, tracked and sent to the right team as quickly as possible.
If you need to follow up on a query, please quote the case reference number to help us quickly identify it.
You can also try our online help for answers to the most
frequently asked questions from our customers.
We have seen a large increase in email queries being sent to multiple email addresses. Sending duplicate emails impacts on our response times, and we encourage practices to use the online form for all written queries.