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Cervical Screening: Deferral periods must not exceed 18 months

When deferring a woman’s screening invitation please ensure the deferral period does not exceed 18 months.

Through the Prior Notification List (PNL) process, GPs may defer a woman’s screening invitation and notify PCSE by submitting a deferral form which has now been standardised.

In line with guidance published in the ‘NHS cervical screening call and recall: guide to administrative good practice’ the GP practice must specify how long the deferral is for in multiples of six months, up to a maximum time of 18 months.  So, a woman may be postponed for 6, 12 or 18 months at any one time and the appropriate section of the form must clearly state the date in dd/mm/yyyy.

How to upload a completed deferral request via PCSE's online form

All deferral forms should be submitted via the online form.

  • Go to the Contact Us page and select ‘Screening – Cease/Reinstate/Defer’ from the drop down menu under enquiry type
  • Complete the mandatory fields and upload the deferral form
  • Submit the request

PCSE will acknowledge receipt of the form and update accordingly.  You will receive a case reference number should you need to follow up on your submission.

Details of the new deferral form was shared in the December GP bulletin along with the new reinstate and ceasing forms which are all available to download on our Screening for GPs and Nurses page.

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