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We are making some improvements to the way we communicate when rejecting patient registrations

To ensure patients are registered correctly and therefore always receiving the right level of care from their GP, we have made some improvements to the patient registration rejection process. The improvements will make the process run more smoothly, the reason for the rejection will be clearer to the GP Practice and PCSE will be providing advice and guidance on how to successfully process the registration.

The current process for rejecting patient registrations involves sending the reason for the rejection via the GP links to the GP Practice’s clinical system. This includes a brief note explaining the reason for the rejection.

On NHAIS (the system PCSE use), however, there is limited space provided (60 characters max) to describe the reason for the rejection.

This can mean that it can be difficult for GP Practices to understand the action they need to take in order for them to resubmit the transaction and for PCSE to process the registration.


What is a rejection?

A rejection is when a patient registration is sent from the GP Practice clinical system to PCSE, and the Registrations Team does not have the correct or enough information needed to process it. In this case, the team will send it back to the GP Practice clinical system as a rejection, along with the reason and a request for the additional information required to successfully process the registration.

On average, 15,000 patient registrations need to be rejected every month due to not having enough or the correct information included.


Moving to the new process

Instead of using the limited character free text field on NHAIS to explain the reason for the rejection, the PCSE Registrations Team will now be sending an email to the main contact as registered with PCSE Online, to explain the reason(s) for the rejection and what steps need to be taken next in order to successfully process the patient registration. We hope that this will make it easier for GP practices to understand what is being requested.

To simplify the new process, we have produced the flow diagram below:

This new process will commence from November 1st 2019.

To find out more information on rejections visit the Registrations on the PCSE website