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Online Ophthalmic Payment service live from today

The online Ophthalmic payments service provides you with a quicker and easier method of submitting payment claim forms, together with a host of other benefits.

A number of Early Adopters, who have been using the PCSE Online service over the last two months, have reported that they have seen:

  • reductions in costs from no longer needing to post forms in
  • no rejected claims, as all of the information and data is verified and validated upfront
  • easier monthly payment reconciliation thanks to now having detailed online statements to review.

Those involved in the new eGOS pilots deployed by the early adopter Practice Management Systems (PMS) providers have also highlighted the speed and ease of the new service, and how quickly staff have adapted. Stuart Townsend at Newbold Opticians in Leek commented:“We knew our start date and we prep clinics 2 weeks in advance (still using some paper) so the OA's stopped printing GOS1's 2 weeks ago. The time saving in this alone is surprising”.

Find out more in this recent article in Optometry Today.


What you need to do now
Before you can access the service, you will need to be registered on PCSE Online. This applies to anyone whether you are planning to use PCSE Online or your PMS provider’s eGOS solution.

We sent out letters inviting you to register for the new service last month. This letter provided your unique access code, and a guide for Contract Holders on how to confirm the User Administrators for their practice.

User Administrators are then able to assign Practice staff, known as Portal Users, appropriate access to PCSE Online depending on their position, including payments and performers.

If you didn’t receive a letter or no longer have it and still need to register, please contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.


Verification on information and data.
The next step is for the information and data to be verified and processed onto the system. Once you have been processed then an email will be sent out to you to confirm that your access is live. Please be aware that the verification process can take several days from submitting User Administration information.

Once all data has been verified and processed you can start using the online payments system. You can also access user guides, if you need them, on the PCSE website.


If you have a PMS provider then you should speak to them directly to find out exactly if their service is already live or planned date for release. Please note that, even if you use the eGOS route for online payments, you will still need to register for PCSE online so you can access the service.


PCSE Online Queries
If you have any queries about the new online processes, please visit the PCSE website or contact our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.To find out more information about the new online services please visit the What’s Changing section of the PCSE website.
You can also try our online help for answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.


We want your feedback
As members of the Ophthalmic community, we want your feedback on the upcoming online payments service. Let us know what you think. Are you ready for it? Do you have questions on the new online service? Complete this short 5-minute survey to let us know: Click here to begin.