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The Forthcoming PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payments service

The new online Ophthalmic Payments service via PCSE Online will go live from 28th October. To access this service, contractors need to have their main User Administrators registered and payments Portal Users assigned. Once you have registered your User Administrators, PCSE will begin the verification process.

When complete, and if all the information is correct, PCSE will provide access for that user, who will then be able to set up colleagues within the practice with access to PCSE Online. As soon as that’s done you will be able to start submitting claims online and track their progress, removing the need for the old paper forms.

There have been a number of ‘Early Adopters’ across the country who have been using the PCSE Online payments service for the last two months. Here are some of the benefits they’ve found:

  • Reduced costs – from not needing to post forms in
  • No rejected claims as all data is validated upfront when you enter it. This means:
    • Payment for all claims on first time submission
    • No admin time required to complete and resubmit rejected claims
  • Detailed online statements make monthly payment reconciliation easy
  • Overall the service is quicker and easier to use than the paper system.

eGOS is the new solution for optical practices that use Practice Management Systems (PMS). GOS claim details will be populated directly from the information captured in the PMS and then securely submitted for payment, PCSE is working with PMS providers who are developing this technology to offer to their customers.

Providers will be rolling the service out over the next few months. If you have a PMS provider, then you should speak to them to find out exactly when the service will be available for you. Two have gone live already, with more on the way, but you will still need to complete the User Registration via PCSE Online so that you can access detailed monthly statements, and your Ophthalmic practitioners can update their status on the Performers List for England. The first eGOS site was recently featured in Optometry Today.

Even if you are using the service via a PMS Provider, you will still be able to access your statements on PCSE Online, which – again – means you still need to register.

User Registration
To access the service from the 28th October, all users will need to be registered on PCSE Online. Prior to the launch of the online Performers List service last month, PCSE sent out letters by courier to contract holders. The letter provided a guide for Contract Holders on how to confirm the User Administrators for their practice.

Each letter featured a unique access code that was required to register the User Administrators for the practice. You can have up to four PCSE Online User Administrators for your practice to ensure that administrator tasks can be covered during staff absence. These User Administrators are then able to assign Practice staff, known as Portal Users, appropriate access to PCSE Online depending on their position, including payments and performers.

Once the Portal Users have been allocated, each will receive an email confirming their new role and access.

Even if you have a PMS provider, users will still need to register with PCSE Online.

PCSE Online for Ophthalmic Performers
The new online Ophthalmic Performers List for England service went live last month. The uptake has been steady, and we are ensuring users’ details are being validated and processed as quickly as possible. The new online Performers List for England service makes Performers List changes and updates easier than ever, allowing portal users to submit and track changes to their details on the Performers List, such as a change of address or name (previously known as an NPL2 or NPL3 form change). It also provides Optometrists and Ophthalmic Medical Practitioners with the ability to apply for the Performers List electronically (previously known as submitting an NPL1 application).

Those of you who received the letter sent out by PCSE last month and mentioned in the User Registration section above, and have not already registered, you will need to complete your registration for the new online services. If you did not receive the letter or are still unsure of what to do or have queries about the new online processes, please visit the PCSE website or contact our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.To find out more information about the new online services please visit the What’s Changing section of the PCSE website.

Give us your feedback
As members of the Ophthalmic community, we want your feedback on the upcoming online payments service. Let us know what you think. Are you ready for it? Do you have questions on the new online service? Complete this short 5-minute survey to let us know: Click here to begin.