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We’ve improved the online forms to make your experience better

We’ve made some enhancements to the PCSE online forms on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the
PCSE website, with the addition of a new follow-up enquiry form. This form will improve
your experience when contacting PCSE if you are a GP Payments, GP Pensions or
Ophthalmic Payments user getting in touch to update an outstanding case. There are fewer
fields to complete when providing further information or chasing a query, so you’ll spend less
time following up on existing enquiries. The link to the new follow up form will be included in
emails sent to you requesting further information. This will allow you to click the link from the
email to provide the required information.

Contacting us using our online form, rather than email, will guarantee the quickest possible
response time and is the best way to contact PCSE, as it allows us to track your query and
ensure it is resolved, and using the follow-up enquiry form will further improve your journey.

Tip: Keep a record of your case reference number and use it in any follow up about your

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