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Archive Year: 2020

December 2020 Ordering your Covid-19 lateral flow antigen self-testing kits


Following the letter NHS England and NHS Improvement sent to all contractors on 16 December about the rollout of lateral flow testing devices for COVID-19, we have invited contractors over recent weeks to order their testing devices for their patient-facing staff. 


Ordering your test kits

If you have not yet placed an order for testing kits, please place your order as soon as possible and it will be processed.

Log into PCSE Online here to place your order for the self-testing kits. Your order will be delivered from mid-January. Orders placed before 30 December will be delivered in early January.


Available support

For queries on ordering or getting access to order, contact PCSE via the Contact Us form here. Choose Supplies as the category and type of enquiry and put Test Kit as the subject.

Use the tiles below to view the SOP, FAQs and information leaflet or click here. If after reviewing this information, you have any questions or require any additional support, please email england.covid-lfd@nhs.net. This email address is only for queries around how to use the kit and where to send results etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my invite and instructions on how to order my test kits?

Invitations to order will be staggered across NHS England and NHS Improvement regions to ensure a smooth ordering process (this means not all providers may receive an invitation this week)

How can I prepare for ordering our test kits?

Contractors should notify the person who manages their PCSE supplies orders and their PCSE main contact that an invitation will be emailed in the next few weeks.

I can’t access PCSE Online, what should I do?

If you are not already registered for PCSE Online services, you can please contact us by completing the online enquiry form and selecting the ‘Register for PCSE Online’ option on the enquiry type. To look up your Organisation code, visit the NHS Digital ODS Portal

When will the test kits be delivered?

The delivery window for test kits will commence week commencing 4 January, and deliveries will continue throughout January 2021. Be sure to order your test kits as soon as you receive your invitation to order, to ensure you receive your tests in January.

How many tests are in one box?

There are 25 tests in one box, enough to last one individual 3 months.

How many kits should I order?

You should order one box of tests for each patient-facing staff member, including temporary patient-facing staff.

How do I check that my order was accepted?

You can check your order was placed correctly by going to the Orders Placed page. If you encounter a blank page after placing your order, please check the Orders Placed page to make sure multiple orders aren't placed by mistake. 

What happens if an organisation misses the order window deadline of 30 December?

If you have not yet placed an order for testing kits, please place your order as soon as possible and it will be processed. Your order will be delivered from mid-January. 

Last updated 18 December 2020


December 2020 Reminder to order your needles for the flu vaccine

Order your needles now for the flu vaccine

Just a reminder that, if you are using the Flublok vaccine as part of the expanded flu vaccination programme this year, please note that the manufacturer doesn’t supply a needle with this vaccine.

Chapter 4 of the Green Book on immunisation procedures recommends you use FTR163 which is a 25mm 23G (blue) needle.

To order these needles you can do this easily using the PCSE supplies portal. Once you are logged in to the portal just search for ‘FTR163’ in the supplies section to order these to your practice in your next delivery. 


November 2020 Important Update about tracking labels for GP Practices

We have been informed by our national printing centre that a small number of employees have tested positive for Covid-19. This means they will not be able to provide tracking labels for GP practices this week (week commencing 23 November).

We expect the tracking label production to return to normal from next week.

If you have any queries in relation to this, please contact the team using the 
online form.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

November 2020 Ophthalmic Bulletin - November Edition

Welcome to the November Edition of the PCSE Ophthalmic Bulletin. In this issue: 

  • CET Claims – last chance to submit your claim
  • Covid-19 ways of working – average monthly payments, patient signatures and submitting GOS forms regularly
  • Online GOS claims users – the latest hints and tips to help you when using the portal

CET Claims – last chance to submit your claim

There are only a few weeks to go until the CET claims window closes on 30 November 2020.
To submit a CET Claim, Performers simply need to log in to their account on PCSE Online, select the CET Claims button and follow the instructions. If a Performer hasn’t logged into PCSE Online before, please allow enough time to get them set up – we don’t want them to miss the deadline.
Please note: If the Performer is not yet registered on PCSE Online, they will need their Practice’s ‘User Administrator’ to create an account for them using the Performer Registration tab in the User Management screen.
The Contractor (or designated signatory) then needs to log into PCSE Online, select ‘Ophthalmic’ and search for the claim using the drop-down menu. Once they have located the claim, they need to open it to and follow the instructions.
Before you start your claim, take a look at the information available on our website, including a ‘How to’ video, a user guide and information on how to register. This is all available on the CET section of our website here

Covid-19 ways of working
Patient signatures
Regulations suspending the need for patient signatures to be captured on GOS forms will remain in place until at least 31 March 2021.
Where patients present for NHS General Ophthalmic Services, contractors are asked to:

  1. complete the relevant GOS forms on behalf of the patient
  2. ask the patient to confirm their eligibility for NHS services
  3. mark the eligibility on the relevant form
  4. if evidence of entitlement is not provided mark ‘evidence not seen’
  5. write ‘COVID-19’ in the patient signature

Please note: performers and contractors are required to sign all forms as normal
Average GOS payments
NHSEI has advised average monthly payments for all open optical practices are to be
continued to include activity in September paid October.

Due to the delay in NHSEI confirming the September arrangements, average payment
adjustments due to contractors will be made retrospectively on their next GOS payment date,
starting from 13 November. Contractors who receive payment between 1– 12 November will
receive any average monthly payment due to them along with their December GOS payment.
Information regarding further support for domiciliary providers and practices in areas of deprivation
can be found in the NHSEI’s 26 October letter  and in the Optical Fees Negotiating Committee (OFNC) Guidance
Making paper claims
With the uncertainty around Covid19 and the national lockdown we would encourage you to submit paper claims weekly so we can ensure they are processed in time for your next monthly payment.

Making online claims – the latest hints and tips to help you when making electronic GOS claims
Contacting the team out of hours
If you have an urgent issue with submitting GOS claims electronically, for example, you cannot access PCSE Online and need support after 5pm on a weekday or at a weekend, we now have a dedicated team on hand to help you.
The team’s operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 5pm-10pm
  • Saturday 8am-6pm
  • Sunday 9am-5pm

You can reach the team during these hours on 0113 518 8951. 
Please note, the extended hours team can only deal with urgent issues, for any non-urgent queries please continue to use the online form or contact our Customer Support Centre between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0333 014 2884.


Submitted an online GOS claim and realised you’ve made an error?

  You will need to submit a request for the claim to be cancelled and start a new claim if appropriate.

Cancelling a claim is easy to do, simply go to our online form,  select ‘Ophthalmic Payments’ and ‘Ophthalmic General Enquiry’. Complete your details on the form and select ‘Cancel GOS claims’

Once your request has been processed, a negative adjustment will appear on your next PCSE Online statement.


GOS 3 – reminder to give the patient a paper voucher

Practices using PCSE Online or eGOS must print a GOS 3 voucher from PCSE Online, signed by the Performer who conducted the sight test, to give to a patient to take away. The patient needs this to redeem their GOS 3 at another practice.
The printed GOS 3 will include a unique voucher code and authorisation code, here is an example of what they look like:

Please note: voucher codes and authorisation codes cannot be accepted without the voucher

October 2020 GP Practice Bulletin - October Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the PCSE GP Practice Bulletin. In this issue, learn more about: 

New public-facing Performers List site now live 

The new public-facing Performer List website is now live. On this site you can easily search for performers on the Performers List for England, filtering down by type of Performer, name, CCG area or GP Practice. There are three types of search; quick, advanced and organisation, so you can search for your practice and see the full list of GPs registered there. 
You can also download your search results easily from the site, which is designed to be more user friendly and with more functionality.  

Please note: the information on the Public Performer List website is based on information updated by Performers themselves on their Performer List record. Performers can update their details at any time using PCSE Online.

Don’t forget – log in to PCSE Online to approve Performer list changes  

Practice manager approvers now need to approve Performer lists status changes via PCSE Online for GPs joining, leaving or changing their role within the practice. To do this you need the role of PL Practice Manager on PCSE Online.

Your practice's Performer list User Administrator can assign this role to you, using the User Management section on PCSE Online, if you don’t already have it. 

The system is designed to be user friendly. However, if you do need support, take a look at our Quick Guide for Practice Managers here. 

Avoiding rejected registrations 

Each month we process on average 36,0000 registrations. However, on average, 45% of these have missing or incorrect information and so have to be rejected. 

Why is this important? 

If a registration isn’t actioned the patient will remain un-registered and at risk of not receiving patient care. 

To help avoid rejected registrations our Registrations Team have shared four tips on avoiding rejected registrations. 

  1. Avoid Duplicate registrations: when registering a patient, to make sure the patient is not already registered please do a thorough search of the system, using a variety of search methods i.e. date of birth, surname, postcode. We reject around 1,700 of these per month. 

  2. Addresses outside practice boundary: if you are registering a patient with an address outside the practice boundary, ensure you have added their previous address and a note on the registration to tell us that you are aware of the address being outside the boundary. Please also ensure that you include one of the agreed text strings "OOAR", "OUT OF AREA REG", "OUT OF AREA SCHEME", "OOA REG", "PC-OOA", "PCS-OOA". We rejected around 1,200 of this type of registration each month.

  3. Place of birth: we reject about 2,500 registrations each month without a place of birth, please include this information when submitting a registration if the patient is willing to supply the information. 

  4. Valid Addresses: when submitting registrations please ensure that the full address including flat or apartment information and postcode is included. The team have found that around 1,200 registrations are submitted each month without this information.  

Important reminder: please ensure all information provided by the patient is included on the registration including previous names and addresses and please do not provide the current address or unknown as the previous address.   

Visit our website here for information on the registration process and more useful information for smooth patient registration. 

Learn more – what to do with supplies items you no longer need 

Please make every effort to dispose of any supplies items you no longer need safely using your own disposal facilities (paper and plastic as recycled, sharps in medical waste bins). If you do not have disposal facilities, please use the ‘returns’ tab on the supplies page on PCSE Online, completing all of the required fields. Please note that this function is for the sole purpose of returning items which are, or have been, provided by PCSE. 

Not sure whether your order has been fulfilled or you have received an item you believe is incorrect? Please first check your order details on PCSE Online. Any outstanding items will be shown on the Orders page. If there are discrepancies with your order, please contact the team here selecting ‘Supplies’ from the dropdown menu. 

Patient Data Quality Work 

Due to the extra pressures on GP practices during the Covid-19 outbreak, data quality checks on patient lists were paused. These checks have now recommenced.  

There are two types of data checks - data quality checks and list reconciliation. These checks are important to ensure patients are accurately registered with practices, and therefore included in relevant screening programmes. 

Learn more about Data quality checks here

Good to know - improvements to PCSE Online Records movement pages 

Your feedback told us the Medical Records movement pages on PCSE online wouldn’t load when there was a high volume of movements not complete. We’ve made technical improvements and you should experience quicker page load times. 

To further improve your online experience when ordering tracking labels, we have also made some changes. Once a patient leaves your practice, the label for their medical record takes between 10-12 days to be delivered.  

To prevent a duplicate label being requested for the same NHS number within 14 days we have made some updates to PCSE Online which will avoid sending you duplicate labels. If, after 14 days, you have not received the label, you can make another request via PCSE Online here.  

Available now - free virtual coaching available for primary care staff 

NHS England and Improvement recognise that staff in primary care roles are currently facing many challenges, which is why they’re supporting the frontline workforce with an individual coaching offer called #LookingAfterYouToo. 
Available 7 days a week, 7:15am – 10:00pm, staff can book a slot with experienced coaches at a date and time that suits them. 
The offer provides staff in clinical and non-clinical roles the opportunity to process their experiences, develop coping skills, deal with difficult conversations and develop strategies for self-management in challenging circumstances. 
By developing the skills and knowledge to look after themselves and stay well, they can also go on to deliver high quality care and support in their communities.   
here to find out more. 

Thanks for your feedback 

Thank you for your recent feedback, including ideas for improvement which have been taken on board and messages of thanks which are appreciated and communicated to the relevant teams.  

If you’d like to share your thoughts and suggestions on making our services better, use the stars below. We use them in our communications, on any emails we send to our customers, as well as on our website. Once you’ve selected your rating, you’ll have the chance to tell us more.   

Please keep the feedback coming. 

September 2020 Important updates for Domiciliary Providers

Submitting pre visit notifications (PVNs)
Submitting PVNs for domiciliary sight tests is quick and easy to do via PCSE Online, with auto-populated patient details, validation of mandatory fields to ensure accuracy, and instant confirmation that we have received your PVN. Watch this short video on how to do it.  
If you have a Practice Management System (PMS), check with your provider to see if you can submit electronic PVNs and GOS6 via your PMS.
If you are unable to submit PVNs electronically you will need to:

*It’s now mandatory to send the PVN using a NHS mail account. If you don’t already have an NHS mail account, NHS England has created a temporary online application process which takes around 2 weeks.

PVNs for sight tests due to take place from 1 February 2021
All GOS 6 claims for sight tests delivered from 1 February 2021 onwards require a PVN reference number, without this we will be unable to process your claim.
In accordance with regulations PVNs need to be submitted with the following minimum notice period of:

  • 48 hours: for one or two patients at the same address
  • Three weeks: for more than for two patients at the same address

Single payment date
In order to reduce administration for contractors, providers will receive a single GOS payment per month for all claims submitted via PCSE online, PMS eGOS or the new paper forms, even if services are provided in different areas of the country. A monthly statement with a detailed breakdown of all claims paid will be available on PCSE online.
If you are a domiciliary only provider with multiple historic payment dates you can choose any of your current payment dates as your future payment date, meaning that you can opt for whichever date best suits your business needs. If you haven’t already confirmed your future payment date of choice email pcse.optomengagement@nhs.net to let us know. If you have a practice and also provide domiciliary services, payment for all claims will be received on your usual practice payment date.

October 2020 Update: GP Payments and Pensions System launch date

Update on the launch date of the new online system for GP Payments and Pensions administration.  

As you know, the new system has been designed to improve the speed, visibility and tracking of the GP payments and pensions services. It is also a required part of the decommissioning project of National Health Application and Infrastructure Service (NHAIS), which acts as the current data feed for Open Exeter.  

As such, this is a major undertaking which involves multiple organisations and data sets, and is important to get right.  

The new system has now been built and extensive user acceptance testing, security testing, data migration testing and all functional tests have been completed successfully,  

The final test before launching the new system was to run a simulation to provide assurances that the system is robust and will provide a positive experience for users. We have identified some areas for improvement that can be made at this stage before we launch the new service.   

We were initially working towards having the system ready for the end of September but the decision to extend the testing time means that this date will now move. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in the project so far. We will keep you updated on the revised launch date and will continue to work with you to ensure you have everything you need to start using the new service.