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GP Pensions and Payments Transformation Update

This year, PCSE is introducing a digital service for submitting and reviewing payment and pension requests, which will provide users with a simpler, more efficient, and fully tracked payments and pensions administration service.

Throughout the development and introduction of this new service we will continue to work together with our stakeholders and customers including NHS England, BMA, NHS Pensions, accountants, commissioners and GPs to make sure that the timing on the launch is appropriate. The new service is expected to launch in September this year.

We’re making it easier to submit, track and view payments. We are introducing an online system for submitting and approving your payment claims which will provide online validation and highlight any missing information which is likely to: reduce your workload when submitting information for payments, reduce the risk of error from manual re-entry and improve the accuracy of payments.

The new easy to use system will replace Open Exeter and the current existing paper forms. PCSE Online will allow easy multiple submissions for your payment claims.

When the system is launched your monthly statements will be on PCSE Online instead of using Open Exeter. Learn more on our GP Payments page.


GP Pensions
Submitting and managing NHS Pensions for Type 1 and 2 Practitioners and Locums working in General Practice will be easier when using PCSE Online. We’ve designed a system that makes it easier to submit pension information and provides transparency which will enable users to track the progress of their information. This will also make it easier for members to check all their pension details are correct.

Practices will be able to manage, submit and update pension information all in one place. Find out more on our GP Pensions page.