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New public facing Performers List website is now live

We have launched a new and improved public-facing Performer List website. The new site is designed to be more user friendly, with more functionality and data points than the previous site.


On the relaunched Performers List website (https://secure.pcse.england.nhs.uk/PerformersLists) users will be able to search for:

  • Performers on the Performers List for England
  • Performers associated to an NHS England Local Office
  • Performers linked to a CCG area

You can search for performers at an organisation too, just by selecting Organisation Search.

All searches will also be easily downloaded as an excel spreadsheet.

NHS England users will also be able to access additional information about performers and practices by logging into the PCSE Online portal. Approved users will be able to view a performer’s contact details, information about what practice(s) they are attached to and their personal details. They will also be able to select a practice and view any Performers associated with that practice.  

Please note: the information on the Public Performer List website is based on information updated by Performers themselves on their Performer List record. Performers can update their details at any time using PCSE Online.