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Archive Month: March

March 2020 COVID-19 PCSE service update

We understand the challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak places on Primary Care colleagues’ workloads and we want to keep you updated on what we are doing to support you during this time.

We continue to work with NHS England to prioritise services so that we can make sure they run smoothly, avoiding disruption to front line Primary Care. These essential services are:

  • processing the monthly contractual payments to GP practices
  • uploading of pharmacy monthly payment files
  • processing and payment of GOS claims to Ophthalmic practices
  • delivering and fulfilling supplies orders such as needles, syringes, prescriptions and essential NHS forms
  • processing patient registrations and urgent medical record requests to ensure continued patient care
  • ensuring that performers are correctly registered on the Performer Lists for England and able to provide services to the NHS

Please note, as we focus on the above essential services during this time, it may take longer for us to process and resolve queries for other services.

PCSE will continue to work with NHS England to do everything we can to ensure practices are supported.

For updates on each of our services during the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here.


March 2020 Ophthalmic Registration Guidance for PCSE Online

How to register

Even though you may have staff who already order supplies through PCSE Online, in order to assign staff for the Performers List or Payments roles, the Contract Manager of the practice must do two things: They must enter a unique code (found in the original registration letter) into PCSE Online to register your practice and then assign at least one person in your practice the role of ‘User Administrator’.

User Administrators are important because they assign all of the other roles available to you in PCSE Online. If possible, we recommend that you have more than one person assigned this role for contingency (you can have up to four).

PCSE sent a letter to Contract Managers in September 2019 that contained a unique registration code. This code expires on 31 March 2020 so, if you haven’t already registered, please make sure that you do so before then.

What if we don’t have the letter?

If the contractor at your practice did not receive the letter, or no longer has the letter, don’t worry. We’ll send you another one if you email your request to our dedicated user registration team at pcse.user-registration@nhs.net

Our Contract Manager has registered our practice and assigned a User Administrator – what do we do next?

Your User Administrator/s should now be able to assign the other roles that your PCSE Online users will need (a User Administrator is purely someone who can assign roles).

Click this link to open our User Management Guide that explains the different types of role that your User Administrator can assign.

Each role has a different purpose. It’s possible for one single user to be a User Administrator and hold all of the other roles too, but you can also split the work up between different users, as you wish.

Please make sure that you know what each role does because the act of assigning a role to someone will grant that person permission to see data that you may consider sensitive or even confidential.


Get further help with our guides

As well as our User Management Guide, we have several other guides that may be of use, take a look below:

  • User Management Guide: this guide explains how to create user accounts (including Performers), and add or edit user roles, including deactivating a user
  • Quick guide for Applicants: a short guide for Performers joining the performer list for the first time
  • Main Guide for Applicants: everything new applicants need to know when applying to join the Performers List on PCSE Online

Link to user guides


Guidance for PMS Users

If you use a Practice Management System (PMS) you also have to register for PCSE Online using the method explained above, this is because there are some things you can only do via PCSE Online. For example, you will use your PMS to process payments (eGOS), but you still have to use PCSE Online to see the statements for those payments (you can use it to track claims too).

We also recommend that you register for PCSE Online even if your PMS provider has not yet launched their eGOS service. This is because of the code expiry date in the letter we sent to contractors in September. It also means you will be ready for when your PMS goes live.