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Important updates for Domiciliary Providers

Submitting pre visit notifications (PVNs)
Submitting PVNs for domiciliary sight tests is quick and easy to do via PCSE Online, with auto-populated patient details, validation of mandatory fields to ensure accuracy, and instant confirmation that we have received your PVN. Watch this short video on how to do it.  
If you have a Practice Management System (PMS), check with your provider to see if you can submit electronic PVNs and GOS6 via your PMS.
If you are unable to submit PVNs electronically you will need to:

*It’s now mandatory to send the PVN using a NHS mail account. If you don’t already have an NHS mail account, NHS England has created a temporary online application process which takes around 2 weeks.

PVNs for sight tests due to take place from 1 February 2021
All GOS 6 claims for sight tests delivered from 1 February 2021 onwards require a PVN reference number, without this we will be unable to process your claim.
In accordance with regulations PVNs need to be submitted with the following minimum notice period of:

  • 48 hours: for one or two patients at the same address
  • Three weeks: for more than for two patients at the same address

Single payment date
In order to reduce administration for contractors, providers will receive a single GOS payment per month for all claims submitted via PCSE online, PMS eGOS or the new paper forms, even if services are provided in different areas of the country. A monthly statement with a detailed breakdown of all claims paid will be available on PCSE online.
If you are a domiciliary only provider with multiple historic payment dates you can choose any of your current payment dates as your future payment date, meaning that you can opt for whichever date best suits your business needs. If you haven’t already confirmed your future payment date of choice email pcse.optomengagement@nhs.net to let us know. If you have a practice and also provide domiciliary services, payment for all claims will be received on your usual practice payment date.