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Archive Year: 2021

March 2021 Expanding Pharmacy Services


PCSE will be expanding its services for Pharmacies from 31 March


PCSE is expanding its services for Pharmacies this Spring. As well as the current market entry applications already processed by PCSE, we will start to manage consolidation applications too. Later this year we will also be taking on Market Exit applications.

To reflect the additional services, we will be changing the name of our Market Entry service to Pharmacy Market Management Services (PMMS) from 31 March 2021.

To find out how you can benefit from submitting your application via PCSE Online, click here.


January 2021 Not yet moved to online GOS claims?

Getting online is simple, to help you get started and to support you through the transition we have designed a number of resources for you. To access these resources or to find out what other contractors are saying about the online GOS claims service read more at the PCSE website here


To find out more about online GOS claims - book your place on one of our webinars 

We are holding two webinars on 14 and 19 January, hosted by Katrina Venerus, where you can find out more about the benefits of moving online and how to submit electronic GOS claims using PCSE Online. This is also your chance to ask questions and have us demonstrate any specific scenarios you would like to see. 

Sign up to the webinar by clicking on the icons below:


If you can’t make the webinar, then this will be recorded and published on our YouTube channel the following week.  


New style paper GOS forms available to order from 11 January

If you are not able to submit GOS claims online by 1 February 2021 you will need to use the new style paper forms. Any claims for sight tests dated from 1 February 2021 onwards submitted on old forms will be rejected as they cannot be processed by PCSE. 

If you need any supplies of new paper GOS forms, you will be able to order them from Monday 11 January 2021.  

Current paper GOS forms for use up until 31 January 2021 can be ordered up until Sunday 10 January.

How to order new forms

The forms will be available to order via the PCSE portal from Monday 11 January.  

The current forms will no longer be available to order from this date.  

Online GOS users - ordering paper forms 

Please note that, if you currently submit your claims online then you will only need a contingency stock of these new forms.  


January 2021 Cessation of new Lloyd George Envelope Production

A step closer to a digital NHS - the Lloyd George envelope digitisation project

The Lloyd George envelope digitisation project aims to digitise the historic paper patient records held by practices. As part of this project the way you manage medical records for new patient registrations is changing. The production and distribution of new patient paper Lloyd George envelopes will be stopping in January.

The digitisation project will reduce the burden associated with the movement of paper records and free up space in your practice that is currently used for storage of these records. At some practices this may provide additional office or clinical room capacity, improving patient experience.

Not only will these changes help us to become one step closer to a digital NHS, it also has environmental benefits too. Both NHSEI and PCSE are committed to being responsible organisations and are working together to reduce our carbon footprint for the services we deliver. This change will result in over 16 less tons of paper being produced and distributed across the country, which is the same weight as ten cars and equates to felling 200 trees!

What does this change mean for our practice?

From January you will no longer receive a new paper Lloyd George envelope for a first time registration such as a baby or new entrants to the NHS.

For frequently asked questions please click here.