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Cessation of new Lloyd George Envelope Production

A step closer to a digital NHS - the Lloyd George envelope digitisation project

The Lloyd George envelope digitisation project aims to digitise the historic paper patient records held by practices. As part of this project the way you manage medical records for new patient registrations is changing. The production and distribution of new patient paper Lloyd George envelopes will be stopping in January.

The digitisation project will reduce the burden associated with the movement of paper records and free up space in your practice that is currently used for storage of these records. At some practices this may provide additional office or clinical room capacity, improving patient experience.

Not only will these changes help us to become one step closer to a digital NHS, it also has environmental benefits too. Both NHSEI and PCSE are committed to being responsible organisations and are working together to reduce our carbon footprint for the services we deliver. This change will result in over 16 less tons of paper being produced and distributed across the country, which is the same weight as ten cars and equates to felling 200 trees!

What does this change mean for our practice?

From January you will no longer receive a new paper Lloyd George envelope for a first time registration such as a baby or new entrants to the NHS.

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