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Screening administration support

The National Cervical Screening Programme aims to reduce the number of women developing cervical cancer by detecting pre-malignant changes in the uterine cervix. Women aged 25-64 years are eligible for inclusion in the National Cervical Screening Programme.

PCSE supports the National Cervical Screening Programme by:

  • Providing Prior Notification Lists (PNLs) of patients eligible for screening to GP practices
  • Sending out call and recall letters to patients eligible for cervical screening tests
  • Notifying patients of test results once we receive these from laboratories

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Our people

Find out more about the work of the Cervical Screening team with A day in the life of...

Emma Spray, Senior Screening officer in the Quality Checking team, Leeds



Before joining PCSE I worked in the Leeds Health Authority cervical screening team for 13.5 years, so I have a long history in this field. I love the fact that the work we do can help prevent thousands of women suffering from cervical cancer.  That really motivates me and I’m happy to be able to contribute to this. 

As well as the satisfaction I get from knowing our work supports the cervical screening programme for women across the country, I also enjoy mentoring my colleagues.  My background and experience of screening means a lot of the team turn to me for advice and I enjoy supporting them.

I am one of four staff in a team that quality checks the work being done by the PCSE screening back office staff.   It’s our job to check that all work adheres with national guidelines and protocols.  We are also working hard to make sure all the PCSE screening procedures are standardised across all our sites, so that we achieve the best outcome for patients. 

For our teams, there are two cut off points in the day for us to process test results coming from labs.  We have until 11am and then 3pm to process test results before they are sent to our print facility, who print and send out result letters to women.   It’s important we check that all the results and accompanying details are accurate. 

There are lots of processes we need to understand and follow within the screening administration service – from lab links and processing results, to updating recall statuses on NHAIS (the patient database).  I’m pleased to be able to help the teams perform their respective roles and process work with the appropriate guidance.   I’m very aware of the responsibility we have and it’s essential we pay a lot of attention to detail.  I help ensure that staff are aware that the work we do has consequences for people’s lives.

There were previously many variations in how local teams used to work, prior to PCSE taking on these services.  We’re pleased now to be working towards the same standardised processes nationally.

On a daily basis, meeting the deadlines to get the results letters out can be challenging, but everyone pulls together as a team.  The ultimate goal is to make sure women receive their result letters promptly.

Quite simply the job satisfaction of knowing that our work can help save people’s lives.

I couldn’t do my job without the support of the rest of the quality checking team. 

The Cervical Screening manual also helps us to understand and cross-check what we’re doing to ensure we’re adhering to the agreed guidelines.

Outside of work I used to be a Latin ballroom dancer and was the North East Latin champion.  I don’t do it anymore but I still love watching it  - especially Strictly!