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GP Payments and Pensions

  • Please submit all general GP payment and pension enquiries using the 'Enquiries' form
  • Payment schedules and instructions from RLT and CCGs only should be sent to PCSE.Payments@nhs.net

GP Payments

PCSE is responsible for administering the following payments to GP practices:

  • Global sum payments
  • PMS contract baseline payments
  • Drugs payments (prescribing and dispensing)
  • Childhood immunisations payments
  • Seniority payments
  • Ad-Hoc payment instructions (Locum/Premises/Rates)
  • GP registrar payments and expenses (For non-lead employer areas)
  • GP training grant payments
  • Enhanced Service payments via CQRS
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework payments (aspiration)
  • Quality and Outcomes framework payment (achieved)
  • Public Health Immunisation Schedules payments
  • GP retainers
  • Facilitate in changing bank details for payment
  • Local Medical Committee levies-depends on contract type

GP Pensions

PCSE is responsible for managing the following GP pension processes

  • Respond to GP pension queries
  • Receive estimates of profit for principal partners, salaried GPs and non-clinical partners to determine their contributions and tier rate
  • Receive GP year end actual profit certificates and processing on NHAIS 
  • Record solo and locum forms on NHAIS
  • Make deductions from remuneration (including additional contracts and added years, which are to be paid over to NHS Pensions on a monthly basis along with payments received relating to solo or locum work, with adjustments made relating to year-end profit certificates)
  • Process refunds or additional payment requests as appropriate via NHAIS monthly
  • Update members’ records on NHAIS and via NHS Pensions Online or manually for joiners, updates, leavers and retirements
  • Obtain pension estimates and confirm membership as required
  • Process retirement applications
  • Liaise with widows / widowers of practitioners when death benefits applications need to be completed, when certificates are to be seen and when general information needs to be given
  • Administer additional pension applications for practitioners
  • Receive and process cheques, send to NHS SBS for banking and send remittances to stakeholders
  • Receive and process form A and B from Locums
  • Receive and process GP Solo form from GP’s
  • Recover employee pension contributions from the GP registrar payment (in specific areas)

Important payment processes

For further FAQs, visit our help page.

Practices should confirm maternity leave dates for GPs working in their practice as soon as possible. Please email PCSE at pcse.enquiries@nhs.net and put ‘Maternity Leave’ in the subject line. In the body of the email, please confirm the start and end date of the maternity leave, and the rate that pension contributions should be deducted during this period. PCSE can then arrange the necessary adjustments to the pension contributions from your practice in good time.

NHS England has confirmed that in line with existing SFE guidance PCSE should not be processing manual childhood immunisation lists. Practices must submit details of all vaccinations via Open Exeter (NHAIS) on a quarterly basis. PCSE are then required to use NHAIS to calculate the payment. It is important that vaccination lists are submitted before the cut-off date (i.e. the second month of the quarter in which the payment is due) or PCSE will be unable to calculate the payment. For further information and details on how to submit vaccination lists via Open Exeter, please see the childhood immunisations guide.

NHS England has advised that any practice who misses the submission date should contact their Regional Local Team (RLT) or CCG (if delegated) Payment would then be made at their discretion.


Please also scroll down to see guidance for claiming:

  • New registrar salaries
  • Registrar relocation claims
  • Informing Health Education England (HEE) of a registrar’s change of circumstance
  • Registrar’s expense claims
    • Mileage
    • Medical defense organisation (MDO)
  • Training grants

New registrar salaries

In areas with no lead employer arrangements in place, salary calculations are the responsibility of the employer.

For practices in non-lead employer areas, PCSE will reimburse the practice with a GP registrar’s salary, based on information which has been provided before, or at the beginning of a practice placement.

Please follow the following process:

  • K4/Pay 1 forms to be completed by the registrar and practice manager. Please ensure the registrar’s salary details are included on the form
  • All fields must be completed. There are no non-mandatory fields
  • Click here to download a K4 form
  • For support to determine the salary level for GP registrars, NHS Employers has introduced a central support service to help ensure the effective implementation of the 2016 contract for GP trainees.  Further information can be found here
  • Once the K4 form is complete, please send it with the registrar’s most recent payslip to your local HEE office. Your local HEE office can advise of the correct email address to send to
  • HEE will then pass the information on to the relevant PCSE team for processing. Ideally HEE will then send to PCSE 8 weeks prior to starting in practice

Useful link

2017/18 salary scales can be found here.

  • See page 5 for doctors and dentists in training (2016 contract) basic pay and allowances
  • See page 17 for the 2002 contract - MN37, which shows the basic pensionable rates to which a 45% non-pensionable supplement is added.

Relocation claims

Relocation claims are paid in some areas when changing practice. Claims need to be approved by both HEE and NHS England before being paid by PCSE.

  • Download GP registrar relocation expenses form here
  • Send the completed form to your local HEE office
  • HEE will then send to the NHS England local team (RLT) for authorisation, who will then instruct PCSE to make payment

Change of circumstance

Any changes in circumstance for registrars which will affect their pay should be communicated to your HEE office at the earliest possible opportunity. HEE will then inform PCSE who will make necessary changes to reimbursements.

Download the Pay2 form here

Change of circumstances include:

  • Maternity Leave
  • Annual leave accrued during maternity leave:
  • Paternity Leave
  • Sick Leave (please Additional Information below)
  • Out of programme
  • ARCP extension
  • Planned extension
  • Continuation of post in a new practice
  • Termination of contract

Maternity leave guidance

If a registrar working in your practice is going on maternity leave, please inform your local HEE programme office with the following information as soon as possible prior to maternity leave commencement:

  • Date maternity leave is starting
  • Allowance required (SMP or maternity allowance)
  • Date of return (as soon as known) as well as any accrued annual leave due

A new K4 form should be completed and sent to HEE as soon as possible prior to the registrar’s return so that salary payments can be re-started correctly.

Sickness absence guidance

Pay is affected by sickness leave according to length of service. In order to ascertain when sickness pay should be applied please refer to the guidance available here:  https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/leave/study-professional-and-special-leave/leave-gp-trainees.

  • The registrar submits sickness certificate to practice manager
  • The practice completes the Pay2 form (with registrar where possible) and sends with the sickness certificate to the local HEE office
  • HEE processes the information and send the forms to PCSE

Expense claims - mileage and Medical Defense Organisation (MDO)

There are two types of expenses that GP practices claim back directly from PCSE – Mileage and MDO claims. These expenses are paid by HEE through PCSE.

Download the mileage form here

Download the MDO form here

Important information for both claims:

  • These forms should be completed by the registrar and then approved by an authorised member of staff at the practice
  • The form then needs to be sent from the practice (not from the registrar directly) to pcse.gp-payments@nhs.net.
  • Clearly indicate in the subject line that they are GP registrar expenses and include the practice code which will speed up the payment process
  • PCSE will contact you in the event of any missing or conflicting information


  • All mileage claims need to be submitted on the template which can be downloaded here
  • Registrars need to submit the form monthly to their practice for authorisation
  • Registrars will use the same form every month to be able to ascertain correct mileage rate (regular user / standard user)
  • Please ensure all mileage claims include the car engine size

MDU claims

  • The General Practice portion of medical defence payments are reimbursed by HEE through PCSE
  • The claim form is completed by the practice manager and trainer
  • All fields on the form are to be completed including the hospital element (which is not reimbursable). If you have queries about the hospital portion, the medical defence provider will be able to supply this information

Training grants

Training grants are paid directly to the practice by PCSE once approved by NHS England.

Non-lead employer areas

  • When the K4 form has been processed and a salary has been set up, the training grant will be paid automatically with the salary
  • This can be viewed on the practice’s Open Exeter statements under ‘Trainee payments’

Lead-employer areas

In areas where there is a single lead employer for GP registrars and PCSE reimburses training grant only, most training grant payments will now be processed as a contract adjustment and should be seen under the ‘variance details’ section of your main payment and will be coded as ‘TRAG’.

The training grant payment description will include the doctor’s name and the period the payment relates to.


Guide to GP registrar payment and expenses forms (FOR PRACTICES IN NON-LEAD EMPLOYER AREAS ONLY)

In order for the correct payment of GP registrar salaries and expenses to be made, a number of forms need to be fully completed.  To assist with the completion, PCSE and NHS England have produced a quick guide, which covers: 

    • Which form is required for the circumstance
    • Who needs to be involved in completing each form
    • How and where to return forms

The guide can be downloaded here.

Please note that the payment forms are being updated to take into consideration the new junior doctors contract. We will be in touch when the forms have been changed. For now use the forms on the guide.

All claims for premises rent, rates, utility reimbursements and GP Retainers should now be sent directly to your Regional Local Team or CCG (if delegated) who will authorise the claim, and then instruct PCSE to make the payment via a payment schedule.


In order to opt back in to the NHS Pension Scheme please send an email stating that you wish to re-join the NHS Pension Scheme and ensure that you include your full name, NI number and annual salary (if a Salaried GP) or estimate of profits (if a GP Partner), GP National Code and Practice Code with the correct tier rate.  Please send to pcse.gp-pensions@nhs.net with “Request to re-join the NHS Pension Scheme” in the subject line of the email.