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GP Payments and Pensions

  • Please submit all general GP payment and pension enquiries using the 'Enquiries' form. Click here to view FAQs regarding this form.
  • Payment schedules and instructions from RLT and CCGs only should be sent to PCSE.Payments@nhs.net

GP Payments

PCSE is responsible for administering the following payments to GP practices:

  • Global sum payments
  • PMS contract baseline payments
  • Drugs payments (prescribing and dispensing)
  • Childhood immunisations payments
  • Seniority payments
  • Ad-Hoc payment instructions (Locum/Premises/Rates)
  • GP trainee payments and expenses (For non-lead employer areas)
  • GP training grant payments
  • Enhanced Service payments via CQRS
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework payments (aspiration)
  • Quality and Outcomes framework payment (achieved)
  • Public Health Immunisation Schedules payments
  • GP retainers
  • Local Medical Committee levies-depends on contract type

GP Pensions

PCSE is responsible for managing the following GP pension processes

  • Respond to GP pension queries
  • Receive estimates of profit for principal partners, salaried GPs and non-clinical partners to determine their contributions and tier rate
  • Receive GP year end actual profit certificates and processing on NHAIS 
  • Record solo and locum forms on NHAIS
  • Make deductions from remuneration (including additional contracts and added years, which are to be paid over to NHS Pensions on a monthly basis along with payments received relating to solo or locum work, with adjustments made relating to year-end profit certificates)
  • Process refunds or additional payment requests as appropriate via NHAIS monthly
  • Update members’ records on NHAIS and via NHS Pensions Online or manually for joiners, updates, leavers and retirements
  • Obtain pension estimates and confirm membership as required
  • Process retirement applications
  • Liaise with widows / widowers of practitioners when death benefits applications need to be completed, when certificates are to be seen and when general information needs to be given
  • Administer additional pension applications for practitioners
  • Receive and process cheques, send to NHS SBS for banking and send remittances to stakeholders
  • Receive and process form A and B from Locums
  • Receive and process GP Solo form from GP’s
  • Recover employee pension contributions from the GP registrar payment (in specific areas)

Important Pension processes

Click here to download a pensions administration timeline

Every year, practitioners are required to complete and submit either a Type 2 Medical Practitioner Self-Assessment of Tiered Contributions Form or Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit Certificate. GP practices are required to complete and submit an Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/ Pay. All forms should be available for download on the NHS Pensions website here.

The table below summarises what needs to be completed, by whom and the deadline for submission.


To be completed and submitted to PCSE by

Deadline for submission to PCSE

Type 2 Medical Practitioner Self-Assessment of Tiered Contributions Form

Salaried/Assistant GPs (Type 2)


28 February 2018

Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit Certificate

GP Partners and non-GP (Type 1) Limited company/partnership/single hander

28 February 2018

Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/ Pay 2018/19

GP Practices


1 March 2018

These forms are required so that PCSE can make any necessary adjustments to ensure the correct pension deductions are made from your practice in the following financial year (from April 2018).

Once complete, please submit these forms via our online enquiries form.

Forms can also be completed and sent by post to Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN.

Further guidance on these pensions processes will also be available on the NHS Pensions website here.

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