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Primary Care Network (PCN) Payments  


PCSE Online is now processing Primary Care Network (PCN) payments. The system went live on 3 October 2022 and payments will be made in existing BACS runs. Network Participation Payments followed in November 2022.


How does this work?

  • PCSE Online calculates PCN capitation payments, based on approved reference data.
  • PCSE Online will make payments to the PCN's nominated payee.
  • The nominated payee will then disseminate the funds where appropriate between members within the PCN (this will take place outside of PCSE Online).

PCN payments within PCSE Online will enable:

  • The processing of payments to any nominated payee regardless of organisation type.
  • Accurate and timely payments aligned to the Network Contract DES
  • A reduction in manual processes.
  • A consolidated view of PCN capitation payments via system generated statements.


PCN Payment Calendar

You can now find the PCN monthly payment schedule for the calendar year 2023 on the 'GP Payments Calendar', here.


PCN User Access 

A Business as Usual (BAU) process for adding User Admins will commence  on Wednesday 1 March and all the details of this can be found on this fact sheet.



Click here for general PCN FAQs.

Please also see our FAQs on PCN User Management.


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