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Information for OOH Providers and Commissioners


GP SOLO claims can be completed and submitted in the new online Payments and Pensions service, via PCSE Online.

If you are not ready to use PCSE Online, you can download the SOLO form from the NHSBSA website here, complete and submit via our enquiry form here


Monthly SOLO Contribution submissions

Monthly SOLO contribution payments must be made monthly by OoH providers and Commissioners to NHS England and NHS Improvement. Please download the monthly spreadsheet using the tile below, complete to provide a breakdown of SOLO work. You can then submit the spreadsheet via the tile below.  

This will allow PCSE to reconcile and allocate monthly payments quickly and efficiently, culminating in less returned payments.

Download the Monthly spreadsheet using the tile below.


Annual GP SOLO Contribution submissions

In addition to the completion and submission of the monthly spreadsheet, it is still a legal requirement to submit the NHS Pensions GP SOLO form. This is available to download from the NHSBSA website, via the tile below, where guidance is also available. Annual GP SOLO forms should be submitted to PCSE via our enquiries form, accessible from the tile below. 

Take a look at the process for completing a GP SOLO form here.


You can find out more about the new online service using the tile below and access the user guide.


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