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Here you can access the guides for the new online payments and pensions service. Our guides are continually updated - keep checking back for the latest version. 


PCSE YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel has a range of helpful video guides. Subscribe to the channel as we regularly update content. 

GP Payments

GP Payments - PCSE Online Playlist


Type 1

GP Pensions - PCSE Online Playlist



GP Practice Webinar


User Guides

User Management

User roles for PCSE Online are assigned by your Practice User Administrator. Guidance for creating, deactivating and amending user roles can be found in the guide below.


Support and guidance for Practices and CCGs submitting claims through PCSE Online.

Optional Services

Support and guidance for Practices and CCGs who manage optional services through PCSE Online.


Support and guidance for Practices and CCGs viewing statements through PCSE Online.

APMS/PMS Baseline and QOF

Support and guidance for CCGs managing a practice's APMS/PMS Baseline and QOF figures through PCSE Online.

Commissioner Adjustments

Support and guidance for CCGs managing adjustments through PCSE Online.

User Guide For The New Contract Variation Template

Click here to download the user guide for using the new contract variation template.


New Contract Variation File Download

From Friday 17 September, click here to download and use the new contract varation file.


Contract Variation Files

Click here to download your Contract Variation Files.



Support and guidance for Locum practicioners submitting A and B forms through PCSE Online.

Type 1 Annual Certificate and Type 2 Self Assessment

Support and guidance for PCSE Online users submtting Type 1 and Type 2 forms.

Practice Estimates and Salary Changes

Support and guidance for Practices submitting estimates and salary changes through PCSE Online.

Leavers and Joiners

Support and guidance for Practices managing leavers and joiners through PCSE Online.

Break in Service and Approved Leave

Support and guidance for Practices managing a break in service or approved leave through PCSE Online.

Additional Voluntary Contributions

Support and guidance for Principal GPs managing their AVCs through PCSE Online.

Opt Out Application

Support and guidance for practicioners wishing to opt out of the NHS Pensions scheme.

SOLO Contributions

Support and guidance for uploading SOLO Practicioner contributions through PCSE Online.

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