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Making an urgent medical record request


If you have an urgent clinical need to access information in a medical record, PCSE can facilitate contact between you and a patient’s previous GP, to ensure the details needed get to the relevant clinician in good time.

When PCSE receives an urgent medical record request, we arrange for the patient’s previous GP to fax or email the information to the new practice. We will also ask the previous practice to release the paper medical record in their next CitySprint collection. Please note: this process does not move the paper record any quicker.

New online form

To request an urgent medical record, click here and complete the details requested via our new online form.

The new form is quicker and easier to complete, and will get the request straight to the team to process. It will also validate the information as it is completed, ensuring that all necessary information is captured correctly, minimising the likeliness for rejections.

When an urgent medical record has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification confirming that the request has been received. The email will contain a case reference number which can be used to follow up on the case if required.

Please note that only contacts registered with PCSE will be able to submit urgent medical record requests using the new form. In order to become a registered contact, the main contact we hold for your organisation can register you on PCSE Online via the ‘User Management’ section. Further information about becoming a registered contact with PCSE can be found here.