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The process by which two pharmacy premises within the same Health & Well Being Board consolidate onto an existing site under regulation 26A of the pharmacy regulations 2013.

The owners of the closing site and the continuing site do not have to be the same and the process will involve the closure of one of the pharmacies referred to as site 2 in the regulations. Applications cannot include any of the following:

  • Distance Selling Premises
  • Pharmacies working under LPS (Local Pharmaceutical Services) contracts
  • DAC (Dispensing Appliance Contractor)

Currently these applications are processed by PCC CIC (Primary Care Commissioning). To submit a Consolidation application and the fee of £250.00 please see below:

  • If paying by cheque, please send your application and relevant fee (made payable to NHS England) to PCSE Enquiries, Market Entry Application, PO BOX 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN

If paying by BACS, please send your application and any supporting documents to PCSE.Marketentry@nhs.net and ensure you copy in Consolidations@pcc-cic.org.uk. You must provide a covering letter clearly stating that you would like to pay the fee by BACS. You will be issued a unique payment reference code that you must use when making payment.

The application forms are available by clicking on the Consolidation Application tile below.

**Please note – Consolidation applications will soon be moving online, keep checking for updates**

You can also use the tiles below for more information from the Pharmacy Manual and PSNC guidance.


Consolidation Applications


RLT contacts

NHSEI Regional Team Contacts


Reg 26A briefing

PSNC Reg 26A Briefing


Pharmacy Manual

NHSEI Pharmacy Manual 2019



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