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New online Market Entry Applications  

Market Entry applications have always been paper-based. In a digital-age we want to provide you with a more efficient way to submit and track your applications. That's why we're introducing new, electronic services for Market Entry applications. 

PCSE Online is a web-based option for submitting Market Entry applications. The Pharmacy community will be able to: 

  • Create a new application to join a pharmaceutical list 
  • Save a new application to review and edit prior to submission 
  • Check on the progress of an application 

PCSE Online requires mandatory fields to be completed and presents error messages for missing information and prevents submission until all required fields are completed. 

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What’s changing? 

Applicants will log into PCSE Online, using their email address and unique password to access the secure platform.  

The many paper-based forms for all types of application will be replaced by a simple to use online system, which will present the applicant options based on the current ownership status  Body Corporate, Partnership or Sole Trader. 

Whether the applicant is a Body Corporate adding additional premises or making a change to director(s), or a Sole trader setting up new premises or making a change to current service provision, the new online system will guide you through the correct application process.  

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Why go electronic?

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Phase One 

We have worked with number of Body Corporates, who are the first to use the online service. Phase one went live the week commencing 18th November 2019.  

The Market Entry applications available to Body Corporates only in phase one are: 

  • Change of ownership 
  • Distance selling 
  • Fitness to practise 
  • Current needs 
  • Future needs 
  • Change of location in the same Health and Wellbeing Board 

We will use their experiences and feedback to build on the launch of phase one, in preparation of the full roll out of all Market Entry application types. 


Phase Two

Phase two is expected to go live 24th February 2020, for the whole Pharmacy community. 

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Application Forms


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Good to know

Please read the PSNC briefing found here for important information relating to ODS (F) codes changes and required actions during a change in Pharmacy circumstances.

The following applications are processed by NHS England regional teams, rather than PCSE. 

Please contact your relevant regional team for enquiries or further information about:

  • Directed services
  • Temporary listing arising from a suspension
  • Temporary arrangements

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Electronic forms mean less paper and no need for postage and transportation

More security

Immediate submission in a secure system

Detailed statements

More information at the click of a button to improve reconciliation

Reduce rejected claims

Real time validation flags any errors or omissions before submission

Track your claim

Check progress online any time

Save time and money

Less resource costs to manually process and post claims