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(Solicitors and Insurers)


Is it Medical Records?

If you are looking to make a request for the GP medical record of a registered individual you will need to contact their GP Practice.

To find out the GP Practice registration information of the person click here. 

Please note that if the practice is awaiting full records to arrive, they will need to follow the guidance provided by PCSE, and we will be able to assist the practice directly.

If you, or the person you are representing is not registered with a GP Practice, PCSE can process a Subject Access Request (SAR) for access to medical records. Please click here.

If you are looking to make a request for the GP medical records of a deceased individual you will need to contact their last registered practice.

To request the details of the last GP practice please click here.

PCSE will only process requests for deceased individuals whose last registered GP Practice is now closed.

If the GP Practice has closed, to make an Access to Health Records (AHR) Request click here. 


Patient Registration Information?

Please click here to request patient registration information stored by PCSE (eg current GP, last GP, and GP registration history).

Further information about this process can be found here.

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Access to Medical Records (Solicitors/Insurers)

Medical Records - Primary Care Support England can only provide a copy of GP health records. Other parts of a patient’s health record may be held by hospitals, community or mental health trusts, as well as previous GP practices. We cannot provide access to these records, and you therefore may wish to apply separately to another health organisation. Click here.

Primary Care Support England does not store:

  • X-rays/transparencies – these will remain with the relevant NHS trust
    · digital records
    · hospital records – apply to the NHS trust
    · private clinic records – available from the clinic concerned.


Patient GP Registration Information and demographic information PCSE receive requests from a range of individuals and organisations to access demographic information including last known GP Practice. Click here.

On behalf of NHS England, the NHS GP Practice medical records for patients should include information about:

  • medication
  • allergies
  • vaccinations
  • previous illnesses
  • test results
  • hospital discharge summaries
  • appointment letters
  • referral letters

Sometimes these records don’t always contain a full medical history.