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Demographic Information Data Requests

PCSE receive requests from a range of individuals and organisations to access demographic information including last known GP Practice.

As the data holder for NHS England, PCSE must ensure that the requestor has valid and reasonable grounds on which to make a request for the information.

Upon receipt of a valid request, PCSE must process the application and provide the applicant with the information they require.

All Information Services requests, including Coroners requests, Police requests and Charity missing persons requests, can now be submitted via a new dedicated online form.

This form has been designed to speed up the overall process for all parties by ensuring that all information needed to action your request is available at the start. Supporting information can also be uploaded directly into the form.


How do I make a request?

Visit the Contact Us page on the PCSE website to access our online form. Select Subject Access Request as the category of your enquiry and Information Services as the type of enquiry. Then follow these simple steps:

  • Select the capacity in which you’re submitting the request
  • Complete the form and upload the supporting documentation where required
  • Submit your application


What happens next?

  1. We will review your application in accordance with NHS information disclosure guidelines
  2. If any further information or documentation is required, we will contact you to request this
  3. Upon receipt of a complete request, a decision on disclosure will made, and one of three actions will be taken:
  • the requested information may be disclosed to you via secure email,
  • the requested information may be declined if this does not meet disclosure criteria
  • or in some circumstances your request may be forwarded to the current registered GP of the patient for them to review your request and respond directly.
  1. Your request will be complete

You can find out more about access NHS England encrypted emails here.


What information do I need to provide?

With any request, the applicant will need to provide details about the patient whose record they are submitting a request for, such as the patient's name and date of birth. Their NHS number and address should also be provided if known.

The applicant will also need to tell us the reason for the request, for example, safeguarding, patient care, investigation etc.

If required, the applicant will need to attach the relevant supporting evidence with their application, for example:

  • Solicitors on behalf of the data subject – a statement confirming that you have undertaken the necessary ID checks. Where completing the online form, please attach this statement in place of the verification documents
  • Member of public - 1 form of address, 1 form of ID proof as detailed here
  • Police Investigation – DPA form with offence detailed, signed by requesting officer and counter-signed by senior officer Detective Inspector or above


How long will it take?

Please note that information requests must comply with the appropriate legislation and can take up 5 working days to process.


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