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GP2GP allows patients' electronic health records to be transferred directly, securely, and quickly between their old and new practices, when they change GPs. This improves patient care by making full and detailed medical records available to practices, for a new patient's first and later consultations.

GP practices are now able to receive suspended patient health records electronically with electronic health records (EHRs) arriving via GP2GP. This will help to reduce the amount of time you spend on administration.

For patients who de-register from your practice list and do not register elsewhere, you will still need to print electronic records, in line with your usual process. Changes later in the year will mean that these suspended patient records will be held electronically in a national electronic records repository.

Find out more information about the upgrade, what a suspended record is and why this is being done on FutureNHS - you will need to register if you don't have an account.

PCSE is responsible for the movement of paper medical records but we are not responsible for GP2GP transfers i.e. electronic medial records.  

If a practice should experience an issue sending or receiving a GP2GP transfer, please contact your clinical system provider in the first instance. 


GP2GP allows patients' electronic GP records to be transferred between their old and new practices when they change GPs and is managed by NHS Digital. Please refer to NHS Digitals website for further information on the following:

  • Fast, secure and safe, how GP2GP works, reports and tools and benefits - click here
  • Large messaging, reduced paper printing when patients leave a practice and returning patients - click here

You can find out more about GP2GP transfers via the tiles below.


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