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How to move medical records

A practice may receive a deduction for a patient because they've registered at a new practice, the patient has left the country or the practice have marked the patient as deceased in their clinical system. The patient's medical record will either follow them to their new practice or be sent to our central records storage facility. To enable the medical record to be moved correctly, a tracking label is automatically generated and sent to the deducting practice.

PCSE is responsible for the movement of a physical medical record once the deducting practice has released the record to their CitySprint courier.


Releasing Medical Records

Primary Care Information Service

Label delivered

The patient deduction generates a label which is then printed and delivered by CitySprint.

Primary Care Information Service

Bag the record

When the label
arrives, put the
record in a
shipping bag.

Primary Care Information Service

Attach the label

Attach the right-hand label to the shipping bag in the box labelled “NHS Staff Affix Address Label Here”.

Primary Care Information Service

Record is collected

Records will be
collected the
following week by CitySprint.


Receiving medical records

After you have registered the patient at your practice, the time it takes to receive the physical record is dependent on the deducting practice. Once the record is released it could take up to two weeks for you to receive the record. The record will be delivered on your usual CitySprint delivery day. This could take longer for Patients who are registering with you from outside of England.


PCSE Online and medical records

You can use PCSE Online to track the status of your inbound records, view a list of outbound record requests so you can see what records you need to prepare, order additional tracking labels for large records or if your label has been damaged, order additional shipping bags when you start to run low and move a record or notes you don't have a label for using the 'Request movement' section.


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