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Missing Records

A medical record can be classed as missing when a record cannot be found or it's not available when required.

A GP practice will contact PCSE to tell us that although the patient is registered, and the GP2GP transfer has been successful, the patient's paper medical record has not been received.



What is the difference between a missing and lost record?

If the missing record has not been located after six months, it is reasonable to assume that the original set of records has been lost.


What happens when a record can’t be found?

We undertake a thorough search in our secure storage site(s), and we may request GP Practices to also search for the record. If after 5 working days, the record has not been found, we report this to our Information Governance team, who update PCSE Online to show the record as missing.


Why do you keep asking our practice to look for missing records?

If a review of the tracking history of the missing record shows a patient was registered with a GP practice, we will ask you to look for the record, as part of our thorough search.


How do I know if a record is missing?

The missing record will be marked as ‘missing’ on PCSE’s systems as well as a practice's clinical system.


Can a missing record be replaced?

A missing record must be reconstituted, and populated as far as possible with all the relevant information and clearly marked as a ‘reconstituted record’. If applicable, tracking systems should be updated to note the record has been reconstituted and on what date.


What happens when the original record is found?

The original record and the reconstituted record should be merged together. If applicable, tracking systems should be updated to state the original record were located, merged with the reconstituted record and the location of the merged records. The Information Governance team should be updated with details of when and how the record was found.


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