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Childhood Immunisation Payments


Practices must submit details of all childhood vaccinations on a quarterly basis. PCSE then calculates the payment and childhood vaccinations are paid six months in arrears. 

Prior to April 2021, this was done via Open Exeter. The process is now changing and practices will find important information about submitting data for January 2021 and all future data below. 



January 2021 Cohort

Practices can still access the January cohort via Open Exeter and will have until 1 May to submit data. After 1 May, when practices log into Open Exeter, they will be presented with a screen to advise the deadline has passed.

What if I miss the 1 May deadline?

If a practice misses the deadline and still need to submit data for the January cohort, they will need to:

  • download the data from Open Exeter
  • send to their commissioner to process outside of Open Exeter

April 2021 Onwards

Please note the Childhood Immunisation DES will cease from the 1 April 2021 and replaced with item of service payments, and a new vaccination and immunisation domain within QOF.

From 1 April 2021, practices and commissioners will review and approve activity for Childhood immunisation data in CQRS that has been extracted from practice clinical systems on a monthly basis.

From 1 June 2021, historic data regarding childhood immunisation payments will be available to access via the new online Payments service via PCSE Online.


Can I still access Open Exeter for Childhood Imms?

Yes, users can still access Open Exeter until the end of May 2021. From 2 May, users will not see any activities to complete for Childhood Imms. 

From 1 to 31 May, Open Exeter for Childhood Imms will only be available for data analysis.


Can I still request user access for Childhood Imms on Open Exeter?

We can still accept requests for access to the Childhood Imms role in Open Exeter until 31 May. Users will be advised that from 1 May, they can only access information and can't upload any data.

Requests for access to the Childhood Imms role will be rejected from 1 June and practices will be directed to the CQRS system.


If I need to access historic Childhood Imms payment data, how do I do this?

Historical data will be available from 1 June 2021 in the new online Payments service via PCSE Online. 


I have questions about the new process.

If users have any questions about the new process, they will be directed to their commissioner. If they don’t know who this is, they should speak to their practice manager.


I have a query on a post-April 2021 payment.

Practices should contact their commissioner for payment queries.


I have a question about CQRS.

The CQRS Help Desk is available 08:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday. To contact the Help Desk, call 0330 124 4039 or email support@cqrs.co.uk


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