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Setting up a Primary User for a GP Practice

If you do not have the 'Organisation Maintenance' option under the 'Application' drop down menu, or your organisation does not yet have/needs a new or additional Primary User, you can download and complete the appropriate form below.

Please ensure the form is signed by an authorised signatory at the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2, otherwise we are unable to process the request. Email your completed form to pcse.openexeter@nhs.net

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will validate the authorised signatory, and will then authorise your organisation's request for a Primary User. Access the form via the tile below.


New primary user GP Practice

Data User Certification Form for Access to Open Exeter


Download and complete the form to request that a member of staff in a GP Practice to be set up as a Primary User.

This form must be signed by one of the following signatories:

  • Lead GP
  • GP Partner
  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Existing Primary Contact
  • Member of the Board of Directors

One of the above signatories needs to validate the application and to grant access for a Primary User to be set up. The Primary User can then in turn add/delete users within their GP practice, in Open Exeter.

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