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How to move to online GOS claims


Update December 2020: All contractors can now move to online GOS claims


Looking to move to online GOS?

PCSE Online is the web-based option for submitting GOS forms provides secure access from any web browser with a unique user name and password. From a single dashboard, you can make any GOS claim, create or accept a GOS 3 voucher, submit your CET grant claim, access detailed statements and more. 

You can access the online ophthalmic payments system with PCSE Online, free of charge, whether you're an independent store with no PMS or want to use the service until your PMS provider has rolled out their integrated solution. Contact your provider for the most up to date information about eGOS. 

If you're part of a national optical chain, contact your head office for more information about their plans to move to eGOS. 

Moving online

If you want to know more about moving online, we have a dedicated team who will be happy to help. To contact the team email pcse.optomengagement@nhs.net 

To help you get started and to support you through the transition we have designed a number of resources for you. These include an introductory video by Optometry Today, a welcome pack providing you with everything you need to move online and a number of short videos to talk you through each of the online processes, from setting up new users to making successful GOS claims. 



Good to know

Adding an ophthalmic performer is different process to just creating a new user.

Once you're logged in as the user administrator, choose User Management

Next choose the Performer Management option, type in your Performer's GOC number and press enter. 

If the Performer already has a PCSE Online Performer User Account, you will see the Performer's first and last name. To add them to your practice:

  • Choose Click here to view
  • Tick the role(s) you want to assign to the Performer in your practice
  • Click on Update

Performers can have more than role with a practice.

If the Performer does not have a PCSE Online Performer User account:

  • You'll need to confirm the Performer's email address and telephone number
  • Click Update
  • You'll be taken to the Create Portal User screen, where the fields the Performer's details are pre-populated
  • Select Performer as the role
  • Click on Create

The performer will receive an email with a link to verify their PCSE Online account and create a password.

User Administrators

User administrators manage access to the PCSE Online system. They can:

  • Set up colleagues within their practice with appropriate roles
  • Deactivate users when staff leave
  • Edit user access if roles change


Ophthalmic User Roles

These are the roles that are available for the user administrator to assign to colleagues within their practice:

  • User Administrator
  • Contractor Signatory
  • GOS Performer*
  • GOS Claim Manager
  • OPH Statement View
  • OPH Supplier Signatory
  • OPH Head Office

* Please read the previous section on Adding a Performer before assigning the GOS Performer role. 


Create Users and assign roles

The user administrator should log into PCSE Online

  • Click on User Management
  • Click on Create User
  • Enter the users details (name, email, telephone number)
  • Select the role(s) for that user - a user may have more than one role
  • Click on Create

The new user will receive an email with a link for them to verify their account and set up a password.

For further information on user roles, create, editing and deactivating a user, view our Ophthalmic User Management Guide.

What else can I do in PCSE Online?

As well as the online Ophthalmic payments service, there are other services you can use in PCSE Online, depending on your role.


Existing Ophthalmic Performers

Existing Ophthalmic Performers can use PCSE Online to access Performer List services.

  • Change personal details
  • Change local office
  • Change practice details
  • Manage withdrawal from Performers List


Pre-registration Optometrists

Pre-registration optometrist can use PCSE Online to apply to join the Performer List.


Ophthalmic Practice managers and staff

Ophthalmic contractors and Ophthalmic practice staff can also use PCSE Online to order supplies, such as NHS stationery - log in to PCSE Online to order.


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