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Notification of domiciliary visits (PVNs)

As part of our ongoing commitment to create national, consistent services for all our users we have introduced an online form for the pre-visit notification of domiciliary visits.

The new online form can be accessed via the link below and provides an easy way to enter and submit all the information required in a Pre-Visit Notification (PVN). Please select Pre-Visit Notification as your enquiry type.

To complete the form, contractors will need to provide the following details:

  • Contractor details (name, email, address, phone number)
  • Organisation name
  • PCT code (this should be the same code that appears on the associated GOS6 claim)
  • Contractor Code
    • Please note: The PCT code and Contractor Codes can be found in the two boxes in the top right corner of your GOS submission headers e.g. 5C5 121
  • Date of visit
  • Address of where the visit will take place, including the post code and the type of premises
  • Name of the patient(s) – please note this detail must be the same as on the GOS 6 otherwise it can’t be matched
  • ODS code (also known as TP code) – if you do not know the ODS code for your practice you should contact the Exeter Helpdesk on 0300 3034 034 or E-mail: helpdesk@nhs.net

When all the details have been correctly completed the form will be available to review, save and print as a pdf for future reference before it is submitted.  Please note you are required to keep this for your records.

The sender will then receive an acknowledgment email with a unique case reference number.  The subject heading of the email will include the post code of where the visit is due to take place to help you easily reference which PVN the case reference number relates to.  

The reference number should be quoted in any further correspondence about the PVN.

The new forms will ensure PCSE has all the information needed on a PVN to process the associated GOS 6 claim.


Notification for Domiciliary Visit 

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