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New online form for Ophthalmic Payment enquiries

In response to feedback from practices and colleagues across the optical sector, PCSE has introduced a simple online form for all ophthalmic payment queries.

You should use the new online form to submit your enquiries to PCSE.  

The tailor-made form contains different options to ensure your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible. There will be different categories according to who is submitting the form, for example:

  • Contractor/optical practice
  • Local Optical Committee
  • Member of Public (for HC5 queries only)
  • Regional Local Team

When you have selected the category relevant to you, the intuitive form will guide you to submit the details PCSE needs to ensure the quickest possible response time.

Once you submit your form, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your submission, along with a reference number which you can use to follow-up on your enquiry if needed.

Accessing the online form

  • Please visit the ‘Contact us’ page 
  • Scroll down to the enquiries form and select ‘Ophthalmic Payments’ from the drop-down box
  • Enter the required details as requested on the form
  • Keep a record of your case reference number and use it in any subsequent correspondence about your query.


Details you will need to submit a query

 To submit an enquiry via the online form you will need your:

- ODS code (also known as TP code), which begins with 'TP' followed by 3 alpha/numeric characters.  If you do not know the ODS code for your practice you should contact the Exeter Helpdesk on 0300 3034 034 or E-mail: exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net

   Alternatively there is the facility to look up your ODS code via the ODS Portal provided by NHS Digital.

- Payment System Code: This is your Contractor Code and PCT Code which can be found in the two boxes on the top right corner of your GOS submission headers e.g. 5C5 121

Please note: If you are contacting from an RLT or LOC you can submit queries/requests directly using the form and you will not require this information.


Further FAQs about using the online form.


Reminder to register your practice(s) with PCSE online


You need to register your practice with PCSE Online to enable you to use the new online form and contact PCSE with queries.  Registering also ensures you receive regular communications and updates from us as well as the ability to order GOS stationery.
For data security reasons, PCSE can only respond to email or phone queries from people who have registered to use PCSE Online (which has also been referred to as the ‘PCSE Portal’).
Online registration enables PCSE to carry out the necessary identification and verification checks – and ensures we only respond to authorised contacts in your practice. 
If your practice is already registered on PCSE Online, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users in your practice.  We would encourage you to check the named contacts that are currently included under your practice registration and update accordingly.
If you have more than one practice you need to register each practice separately.  
For more information about PCSE Online, including how to add or amend users in your practice, please click here. 



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