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In a digital-age we want to provide you with a more efficient way to submit, track and manage your claims. That's why we have now transformed the ophthalmic payment service by taking it online.

PCSE Online is now live, and we are working with the following large optical chains to ensure the smooth integration of their own systems to our electronic ophthalmic payments system:

  • Asda
  • Boots
  • CostCo
  • Optical Express
  • Scrivens
  • Specsavers
  • Vision Express
  • The Outside Clinic

All the chains are at different stages of testing, piloting ad rolling out their solutions.

To find out more, contact your Head Office for more information.

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Why go electronic?



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Electronic payment services

The online payments service can be access in two ways, through PCSE Online and eGOS.

PCSE Online

This is a web-based option for submitting GOS forms. Users log in to the secure area of the website with their unique username and password, select and complete the appropriate GOS form and submit for payment. See the GOS1 Claim video for a quick demo.

PCSE Online will also allow users to see the status of claims and view statements at the click of a button, helping to reconcile payments more easily. See the Statements video below for a quick demo

For more details about how the new electronic payments service will work on PCSE Online, take a look at the PCSE Online area and the main Ophthalmic Payments area.


eGOS is an option for opticians who use Practice Management Systems (PMS). We are working with PMS providers, including the providers of in-house systems of the large optical chains, to enable GOS claims to be submitted electronically direct from their systems. Check with your PMS provider for the most up to date information for your particular system. Visit the Practices with PMS Providers area for more information.

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Register for PCSE Online

Every ophthalmic practice who will be using the electronic payment service, whether part of a large national chain, using a PMS provider or using PCSE Online directly, will need to register for PCSE Online. 

Registering for PCSE Online includes nominating user administrators for the practice, who will be able to create an individual account for each member of staff in your store, who needs access. The user administrator will be able to allocate different roles to each member of their team, depending on what they need to be able to do in the system.

Ophthalmic Performers will also need their own PCSE Online account, and the User Administrator will need to add their Performer to their store. 

Specsavers, Boots-owned stores, Vision Express, Scrivens, Asda stores, and Optical Express will receive the relevant information either from their respective head offices or via PCSE directly. Other chains should contact their head office for further information on registering.

Find out more about the overall registration process on the Register page. 

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Electronic forms mean less paper and no need for postage and transportation

More security

Immediate submission in a secure system

Detailed statements

More information at the click of a button to improve reconciliation

Reduce rejected claims

Real time validation flags any errors or omissions before submission

Track your claim

Check progress online any time

Save time and money

Less resource costs to manually process and post claims