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You can access the online ophthalmic payments system with PCSE Online, free of charge, whether you're an independent store with no PMS or want to use the service until your PMS provider has rolled out their integrated solution. 

You'll find guidance on this page on how to register to use PCSE Online, create users and assign roles and add Ophthalmic Performers to your practice.  

Once you're ready to get started, visit the main Ophthalmic Payments page for guidance on how to: 

  • Make a GOS claim 
  • Submit a PVN 
  • View statements 
  • Search for a claim 

If you are part of an optical chain, you should be receiving details from your Head Office about user registration process and what you need to do. Visit the Large Optical Chain page for more information.  

If you use a PMS, take a look at the PMS User page for further guidance.  



Why go electronic?


Find out what's it's like to actually use PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payments Service, in the short video below.



PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payments Welcome Pack

Whether you're thinking of moving to online GOS claims, want to view your statements or it's your first time submitting a claim through PCSE Online, take a look at our Welcome Pack for PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payments services.

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Get registered

All practices need to register for PCSE Online and nominate user administrators who will be able to create an individual account for each member of staff in your store, who needs access.

  • If you have not already registered, look out for the registration letter that was sent to the main contact at your practice, with an access code and User Registration website address
  • Visit the website and confirm your name and details as the Contract Holder, or their nominated representative
  • Confirm the details for your User Administrators – you’ll need their name, email address, unique access code, your ODS code and if they are a performer, you’ll also need their GOC number
  • Click on Submit

If you no longer have your letter, please email pcse.optomengagement@nhs.net with your practice details (ODS Code, Practice name and address) and a member of the team will be in contact, to help ensure you have access to the ophthalmic section of PCSE Online. If you are a new practice you need to ensure you have a contract in place through your local regional team.


Good to know

  • Each practice can have up to four user administrators
  • Email addresses must be unique – shared accounts cannot be used
  • User admins can create accounts for users without email addresses
  • You’ll find the Unique Access code on the front of your letter, just under the address
  • Find your ODS code on the ODS Portal
  • Find a performer’s GOC number on the GOC Register


What happens when you’re registered?

  • You will receive an email to confirm that we’ve received your request to set up your User Administrator(s)
  • Each person nominated for the role will get an email to let them know they’re being set up as a User Administrator – this may take a short while during the early stages after we have gone live


Adding a Performer to your practice

Adding an ophthalmic performer is different process to just creating a new user.

Once you're logged in as the user administrator, choose User Management

Next choose the Performer Management option, type in your Performer's GOC number and press enter. 

If the Performer already has a PCSE Online Performer User Account, you will see the Performer's first and last name. To add them to your practice:

  • Choose Click here to view
  • Tick the role(s) you want to assign to the Performer in your practice
  • Click on Update

Performers can have more than role with a practice.

If the Performer does not have a PCSE Online Performer User account:

  • You'll need to confirm the Performer's email address and telephone number
  • Click Update
  • You'll be taken to the Create Portal User screen, where the fields the Performer's details are pre-populated
  • Select Performer as the role
  • Click on Create

The performer will receive an email with a link to verify their PCSE Online account and create a password.

User Administrators

User administrators manage access to the PCSE Online system. They can:

  • Set up colleagues within their practice with appropriate roles
  • Deactivate users when staff leave
  • Edit user access if roles change


Ophthalmic User Roles

These are the roles that are available for the user administrator to assign to colleagues within their practice:

  • User Administrator
  • Contractor Signatory
  • GOS Performer*
  • GOS Claim Manager
  • OPH Statement View
  • OPH Supplier Signatory
  • OPH Head Office

* Please read the previous section on Adding a Performer before assigning the GOS Performer role. 


Create Users and assign roles

The user administrator should log into PCSE Online

  • Click on User Management
  • Click on Create User
  • Enter the users details (name, email, telephone number)
  • Select the role(s) for that user - a user may have more than one role
  • Click on Create

The new user will receive an email with a link for them to verify their account and set up a password.

For further information on user roles, create, editing and deactivating a user, view our Ophthalmic User Management Guide.

Log in

Log into PCSE Online and get started with your GOS claims.

You can find more information on how to use the system in the Ophthalmic Payments area or download our user guides:

Visit the Ophthalmic Payments FAQs area if you have specific questions that aren't answered on these pages. 

Use our online form if you have a ophthalmic payment query. 

What else can I do in PCSE Online?

As well as the online Ophthalmic payments service, there are other services you can use in PCSE Online, depending on your role.


Existing Ophthalmic Performers

Existing Ophthalmic Performers can use PCSE Online to access Performer List services.

  • Change personal details
  • Change local office
  • Change practice details
  • Manage withdrawal from Performers List


Pre-registration Optometrists

Pre-registration optometrist can use PCSE Online to apply to join the Performer List.


Ophthalmic Practice managers and staff

Ophthalmic contractors and Ophthalmic practice staff can also use PCSE Online to order supplies, such as NHS stationery - log in to PCSE Online to order.


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Visit our Help section, for additional information.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Electronic forms mean less paper and no need for postage and transportation

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Immediate submission in a secure system

Detailed statements

More information at the click of a button to improve reconciliation

Reduce rejected claims

Real time validation flags any errors or omissions before submission

Track your claim

Check progress online any time

Save time and money

Less resource costs to manually process and post claims