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In a digital-age we want to provide you with a more efficient way to submit, track and manage your claims. That's why we have now transformed the ophthalmic payment service by taking it online.

PCSE Online is live and Practice Management System (PMS) providers are currently developing their systems to enable electronic submission of GOS claim forms (eGOS). We are working with the providers to support this development, to ensure the smooth integration of their systems with PCSE Online.



eGOS is an option for opticians who use Practice Management Systems (PMS). We are working with PMS providers to enable GOS claims to be submitted electronically direct from their systems.

Practices using PMS eGOS will be able to access their statements via PCSE Online and will also be able to track claims. 

Select your PMS provider to find out more about their progress towards making eGOS functionality available. 

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Why go electronic?


Practices like yours are already using the new online payments service.

Find out more about their experiences of using eGOS.

Blink hopes to start rolling out eGos for GOS1 and GOS6 by March 2020, with the others to follow

Please contact Terry Woodhouse for information

(terry@blinkoms.co.uk / 0116 292 7386)

Care Opticians will be going live, nation-wide, from 27th January 2020.

Please contact your Care Opticians representative for further information. 

Contact your provider for the most up to date information.


Contact your provider for the most up to date information.



Ocuco customers who are interested in obtaining the eGOS England link, please contact our Sales Department.

Ocuco customers who have already discussed the link with the Sales department and are in the process of scheduling an upgrade, please contact our Support Team.

The eGOS England link for GOS forms 1,3 & 5 is now being rolled out by Ocuco.


Opticabase has many practices live who are using Opticabase eGOS for all their GOS forms as well as doing PVN’s.

Anyone interested in using eGOS should contact Opticabase on 0161 660 5678 or info@opticabase.co.uk

FLEX is live with GOS1 & GOS3 (November 2019). GOS4 goes live in April 2020.

Practices interested in FLEX eGOS should email support@optinetuk.com or call 0800 310 2400.

Optisoft is now integrated with PCSE’s Online Portal for submission of GOS claims

The portal provides the facility for submissions of all GOS forms and simple signature capture using any tablet device

Integration is available for users of both Optisoft.NET and Optisoft Enterprise


Before requesting the integration, please ensure you have a PCSE online account and you have been issued with a TP code

Please call 0345 230 3450 or click the link below to request activation

Optix are fully live for GOS1.

Users wanting any more information about e-GOS need to contact our support team on either 01904 606606 or support@optix.co.uk

Contact your provider for the most up to date information.


VisionPlus have integrated eGOS1 and are going to rollout to a couple of clients. 

Please refer to the VisionPlus website for further information. 

Practice Customers:

We will launch GOS1, GOS3, GOS4 & GOS5 to a selection of pilot practices, with a general rollout to follow.


Domiciliary Services:

In addition to the above GOS1, GOS3, GOS4 & GOS5 above, we will launch GOS6 and GOS6 PVN (pre-visit notifications) to our pilot domiciliary services, with a general rollout to follow.


New and Existing customers on our current xeyexStandard or xeyexBusiness packages will have access to this upgrade at no extra cost.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Electronic forms mean less paper and no need for postage and transportation

More security

Immediate submission in a secure system

Detailed statements

More information at the click of a button to improve reconciliation

Reduce rejected claims

Real time validation flags any errors or omissions before submission

Track your claim

Check progress online any time

Save time and money

Less resource costs to manually process and post claims

Get Registered

Every ophthalmic practice who will be using the electronic payment service, whether part of a national chain, using a PMS provider (eGOS) or using PCSE Online directly, will need to register for PCSE Online. 

Registering for PCSE Online includes nominating user administrators for the practice, who will be able to create an individual account for each member of staff in your store, who needs access. The user administrator will be able to allocate different roles to each member of their team, depending on what they need to be able to do in the system.

Ophthalmic Performers will also need their own PCSE Online account, and the User Administrator will need to add their Performer to their store. 

You can find more information on our Register page. Also be sure to visit the PCSE Online area to learn more about registering and using the system. 

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Good to know

  • eGOS users can submit claims direct to PCSE from their own system
  • Detailed monthly statements will be available to view and download by logging into PCSE Online
  • Rejection messages for any claims that do not meet the regulatory requirements are returned to the PMS within 15 minutes of claim submission

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