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New Paper GOS forms are here

Changes to paper GOS forms

NHS England and NHS Improvement launched new style paper GOS forms on 1 February 2021. This means that the current paper GOS forms are only valid for claims up until 31 January 2021.

Important note: These forms and vouchers are for use for sight tests from 1 February 2021

When and how can I order the new style paper forms?
Please note new paper GOS forms, which can be used as contingency in case of emergency, i.e. power outages, are available to order via the PCSE Portal. The current forms will no longer be available to order from this date.


New batch headers for the new paper forms

There are new batch headers that must be used when you submit the new paper forms. There is a batch header for each type of GOS claim.

These are available to download only from our website - we will no longer send batch headers to contractors.

You can find out more and download the new batch headers here.


Online GOS Users

The new paper GOS forms below are what you'll need should you experience any downtime with your system.


Preview of new paper GOS forms

Click on the links below to see what the new style paper forms look like. Please note these are for display purposes only.

Order your new paper GOS forms now via the PCSE Portal.

If you have any questions about the new paper GOS forms, take a look at our FAQs

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