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Submitting paper forms

If you are not yet ready to use PCSE Online or eGOS, you can find guidance on using paper GOS forms in this section. Remember to check out our latest guide on how to avoid unnecessary rejections which you can find and download here.


Paper GOS forms

NHS England and NHS Improvement launched new style paper GOS forms on 1 February 2021. You can order the paper GOS forms (GOS1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) from PCSE Online and the forms are delivered to the practice.

Click the tile to the left to view our Paper GOS form Desk Aids.

For online GOS Users

You'll need to use paper GOS forms should you experience any downtime with your system.

Batch Headers

There are new batch headers that must be used and practices need to download these from our website - we no longer send batch headers to contractors. Click the tile for information.

Top tips

  • Don’t forget to enter your ODS code to make sure your forms can be processed
  • Attach one copy only of the batch header to each batch
  • Maximum of 100 forms per batch - submit multiple batches if you have more than 100 of any GOS type to submit

Submitting paper GOS forms

Paper claim forms are still acceptable for all GOS activity, if you are not yet able to submit claims electronically.

  • The appropriate form is completed by the optician during the patient’s visit for their sight test or optical repair
  • Forms must be completed correctly to ensure they are not rejected. You can get some helpful guidance on completing and signing GOS forms in Section 5 of this Making Accurate Claims guide - click the tile to the left
  • Once forms are completed, they are posted, with the batch header, to Primary Care Support England,  PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN

PCSE YouTube Channel

Click the tile to visit the dedicated Paper GOS forms playlist on our YouTube Channel, for helpful video guides hosted by Katrina Venerus, Ophthalmic Consultant to PCSE.

The popular Katrina Explains series of video guides shows how to successfully complete GOS1, GOS3, GOS4 and GOS6 paper forms, for example:

  • Complete the form using black ink
  • Ensure you write in block capitals
  • Ensure all written information on the form is within the boxes to ensure correct scanning and processing
  • Make sure you complete all mandatory infromation

You'll also find out the top 7 reasons for rejected claims, for example, Performer List number - incorrect format, to help you avoid rejections.


Processing Paper GOS claims

Forms submitted by the cut-off date for your area will be manually checked and processed, and passed for payment, ready to reach your account on the payment date for your area.

If there are any errors in the forms, the forms will be rejected, and will be returned to you with a cover sheet explaining which section(s) are incomplete. Please amend and resubmit them to us for processing and payment.


Thinking about moving online?

Using PCSE Online, the GOS form will be automatically checked to ensure all information is correct before submission, reducing the number of rejected claim forms.

If you use PCSE Online to order paper forms, you're already registered. So why not take a look at the online payments system next time you place an order?

Learn more about the ophthalmic payments service


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