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Submitting a PVN

Submitting a paper PVN

A domiciliary visit takes place when an optician will conduct a mobile eye test in a setting other than their practice, such as a care home.  Opticians need to notify PCSE before this visit takes place – just complete the online Pre-Visit Notification form on our contact us page.

You’ll need the following information to complete the pre-visit notification form:

  • Contractor details – name, address, email and telephone number
  • Organisation name
  • PCT code – code should match the GOS 6 claim
  • Contractor code – find both codes on the GOS submission header
  • Date of visit
  • Address where the visit will take place – address, postcode and type of business i.e. care home
  • Patient(s) name – should match the GOS 6 claim
  • ODS code - also known as TP code – this will start with TP and be followed by 3 alphanumeric characters. You can find your ODS code on the ODS Portal, provided by NHS Digital

Once the form is correctly completed, you will be able to review, save and print off the form as a pdf and you are required to keep this for your records. You can then submit the form and you will receive an acknowledgement email with a unique case reference number, which will follow this format CAS-12345678-A1B2C3. The subject of the email will include the post code of the location of the visit, to help you identify which PVN it relates to.

The information on the PVN form will allow PCSE to process the associated GOS 6 claim easily. Please quote the case reference number on any further correspondence about the PVN.

Further information can be found in the Making Accurate Claims guide, a practical guide to daily General Ophthalmic Service (GOS) practice produced by the Optical Confederation.

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