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Practice Managers

In order to approve status changes for GPs joining, leaving or changing their role within the practice. Log in to PCSE Online using the tile below, navigate to the Performers List link in the top menu bar. 

Any changes that require your approval will be listed - in the Action column on the far right, just click on Review Practice Change. Check dates and other information, and then you can make your approval. 

Our Quick Guide for Practice Managers below can assist you with this process.

Please note, you will need the role of PL Practice Manager on PCSE Online. Your practice's User Administrator can assign this role to you, using the User Management section on PCSE Online.

If you have any questions about accessing PCSE Online for Performer List, contact us via the online enquiries form on our Contact Us page


Log in to PCSE Online to approve changes


Approving changes

Approving Performers List Changes guide


User management guide for user admins

User Managment guide for User Administrators


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