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Submitting Paper Application/Notification Forms

Market Entry applications/notifications can be sent to PCSE via two routes – securely via PCSE Online or by downloading required forms and submitting via email to the PCSE team.

There are a number of advantages to submitting your application via PCSE Online:

  • Automatic tracking and updates: you can log on at any time to see where your application is at
  • Reduction in errors: the online service will prompt the user when a field has been missed or is required to be completed, reducing the amount of incomplete sections
  • Easy to use: when you know which forms are required to apply/notify, the system will guide you through the process. Click here for extra guidance and support if required.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: as with all online services, submitting your application electronically means there is no need for paper forms or cheques to be submitted. Applicants can also now pay online using BACS too.

If you are not sure if online is right for you then it is easy to set up an account and try a draft application.

If you prefer to download the required forms and submit them via email then we have provided links to all forms outlined in the latest Pharmacy Manual below.

Please note that we cannot advise which forms or notifications you will need to complete or what information is required. If you submit a form with incomplete information, then the team will be in touch to request any missing information and application fee where applicable.


Paper Forms

Understanding the Application Process

Understanding the
Application/Notification Process



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