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Modernising your services

This year many of the Primary Care Support services you rely on will go digital - and become both easier to use and more cost effective for you and your practice. Here you can find out how we’re changing, and how we can help.

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Services include NHS supplies management and the performer list applications


Services include records movement, NHS supplies management, screening, administration support, patient registrations, payments and performer list applications


Services include NHS supplies management, payments, probity checks and performer list applications


Services include NHS supplies management, payments and market entry


The Primary Care Support England service range


Provision and transport of hard copy medical records for registered patients, archiving, administrating requests for record access from patients or their representatives


Supply and delivery of secure and non-secure NHS stationery as well as needles and syringes for GPs.

Cervical screening

Call and recall services, delivering prior notification lists of eligible patients to GPs, notifying patients of test results.

GP payments

Administrating monthly contracts such as rents and rates, drug payments, reimbursements and salaries.

Market entry

Administrating market entry applications.

Ophthalmic payments

Administrating monthly payments of GOS forms. Submitting approved claims to ISFE for payment.

Performer lists

Administrating Performer List applications including face-to-face identity checks by PCSE Local Support Teams and confirmation of qualification and DBS certificates.

Pharmacy payments

Administrating specific payments to the NHS BSA system such as rota and MUR.