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Who we are

On 1 September 2015, Capita plc took on responsibility for delivering NHS England’s primary care support service – now called Primary Care Support England (PCSE). Our priority is to continue delivering the services you receive today, but we will also introduce new arrangements to help us create national, consistent services for all our users.

What we do

The support we offer ranges from key administrative and payment services, to managing supplies, performers list and market entry applications through to moving medical records. We do this and more for GPs, Dentists, Opticians and Pharmacists as well as those working in the teams around them and associated disciplines.

To find out more about the services provided to you and your practice, please see Organisations.

The vision for primary care support services

NHS England’s vision is to create more modern, efficient, easy to use support services. To help achieve this vision, PCSE is putting a transformation programme in place which involves:

  • Moving the delivery of all services from over 40 PCSE offices across England to four sites – Leeds, Preston, Blackburn and Clacton;
  • Opening a national Customer Support Centre for all customer queries;
  • Introducing an online portal to provide easy access to many PCSE services;
  • Using one national courier firm – CitySprint – to provide a more secure system for delivering supplies and moving GP medical records;
  • Standardising the way services are delivered nationally
  • Investing in new, modern IT and updated processes.