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Using PCSE Online

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Pooled lists FAQs

How do I set up a new practice on PCSE Online?

To set up a new practice with access to PCSE Online, you must provide the following information to the ICB (Commissioner) so that PCSE can process the request:

  • Practice Code – If you do not have an ODS code please contact the ODS Team at NHS Digital on 0300 303 4034 or via email on and then provide this in your notification to the ICB (Commissioner) 
  • Practice Name
  • Practice Address
  • Practice Telephone Number
  • Practice Email Address
  • Branch Surgery Address, Telephone Number, Email (if applicable)
  • Type of contract (e.g. GMS, PMS, APMS)
  • Is the Practice a Dispensing or Prescribing practice?
  • Details of GPs attached to the practice.  This should include their GMC number, capacity in which they will be working at the new practice.  Also required are details of whether they are currently working at another practice and their intentions e.g., are they resigning from that practice or will they continue to work at that practice in addition to the new practice. Should a GP not already be on the Performers List they will need to submit an application to join the Performers List 
  • Lead Prescriber name and GMC number
  • Practice Manager Name
  • Practice Manager Email Address
  • Practice Manager Telephone Number 
  • Name of Pooled List
  • Effective Date (New Practice Start date) 
  • Is the practice that is to be created a result of a change in provider?

It is essential you provide the notification and information to the ICB (Commissioner) 4-6 weeks before the effective date to ensure the request is completed in a successful and timely manner.

Once you have provided all the information required, the ICB (Commissioner) will notify PCSE and PCSE will begin the process of the new practice set up.

PCSE will need to obtain information from NHSBSA i.e. prescriber codes for any GPs working at the practice, a pooled list code. 

PCSE may contact the main contact at the practice to clarify any information and will provide confirmation once the request has been completed.

How can I set up a pooled patient list for my practice?

If your practice would like to set up a pooled list, please contact the Performers List team.

Go to our 'Contact Us' page and select ‘Performers Lists’ from the drop down menu and 'New Performers List Enquiry'. In the message box please state your practice you would like to set up a pooled list for and ensure the following information is included in the submission:

  • Practice Code
  • Practice Name
  • Pooled List Name (usually this is the practice name) and start date.

The Performers List team then set up the practice on NHAIS and will contact the practice to discuss next steps in enabling the pooled list to be set up on their clinical systems.

Click here to view our pooled list video guide.

Can drug reimbursement claims be made against a pooled list?

No. Drug reimbursement claims should always be submitted using the GP prescriber number.

The historical ‘work-around’ enabling these claims to be made against pooled lists is no longer available now that GP Payments are administered by PCSE Online.

From 01 April 2023 the correct GP Prescriber number must be used when submitting prescriptions for reimbursement.

How do I set our clinical system to allocate prescribing to an individual prescriber, rather than a pooled list?

Practices can configure SystmOne and EMIS to ensure Prescribing is correctly allocated


Go to Set up > Organisation Preferences > Prescribing > Prescription Authorising

Select “Authorise scripts using the specified prescriber(s)” (see below):


You can select from the list of Available Prescribers and move them to the right-hand box Selected Prescribers. These prescribers must be GPs for whom you have a PPA ID. The PPA ID is set in the User Set Up.


In the Medication screen go to Medication Configuration. Choose General under Organisation Options.

Ensure Use usual doctor as stamp / signing fallback is ticked.


Choose View. Ensure Current Course Issuer shows as the Authoriser type shown in medication grid.

My drugs payment for claims made against a pooled list appear to be incorrect

If a practice has previously used a pooled list code to claim drug reimbursement, there may be some historical discrepancies in payments.

NHS England, NHS BSA and PCSE are working together to resolve this matter, including undertaking a retrospective reconciliation exercise to ensure the correct payments have or will be made and where required appropriate adjustments will be made.

Where an outstanding payment is causing a practice difficulty, NHS England advise that the practice should make their local commissioner aware as it may be possible to provide a potential advance payment, until the matter is resolved.

To understand what claims have been submitted and are outstanding, practices should contact where one of the team will be able to provide further clarity.

From 01 April 2023, please ensure that all claims are submitted using a GP prescriber number and any drug reimbursement claims incorrectly submitted using a pooled list code will no longer be amended by the NHS BSA.