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GP Pensions enquiries

Why not use PCSE Online?

Before you submit an enquiry to the GP Pensions team, did you know you can manage the following pensions processes using PCSE Online?

  • complete your Type 1 or Type 2 form
  • complete your practice Estimate
  • complete your Locum A&B forms
  • complete all your retirement applications
  • opt out of the pension scheme
  • view additional voluntary contributions (AVCs)
  • view your Employee contribution statement
  • view Solo payments
  • Practices - manage joiners and leavers
  • Practices - approve Locum A forms
  • Practices - notify of break in service and approved leave

Need help?

You can find lots of information and guidance to help you with the pension processes on PCSE Online and much more.

Submit your enquiry

If you still need to get in touch, please use the appropriate enquiry form below.

  • New GP Pensions enquiry

    You can use this online form to:

    • submit all your pensions forms to PCSE including annual certificates of pensionable pay/profit, type 2 self-assessment forms, GP Solo and Locum A & B forms
    • send a query regarding a particular claim or payment
    • find guidance and information on pension topics

  • Existing GP Pensions enquiry

    You can use this online form to:

    • submit a follow-up enquiry in relation to an existing case
    • provide additional information in relation to an existing case