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Listing screen

How do I see my previous 20/21 contribution statement that was submitted?

The Type 1 and Type 2 listing screens on PCSE Online allow members to see their previously submitted Type 1 and Type 2 certificates. 

You can find the listing screen by logging into PCSE Online, select Payments and Pensions, select Pensions, then select Annual Certificate - Type 1 or Self Assessment - Type 2. You can then click on ‘NHS Pension Scheme Annual Income listing’, and this is where you’ll see all current and previous forms.

You can sort the ‘Financial Year’ column to easily check if forms for all years are showing as approved.

If any forms are showing as rejected you need to make the appropriate corrections and resubmit the form.

If any forms are showing as declarated they are awaiting processing by PCSE.

The NHS Pensions system (Pensions Online) can only be updated in sequential order, so if there are any years without an approved certificate, please submit a form to us so that the gap in your records can be resolved. You do not need to print out the forms if you need to contact us with any queries.

What do the statuses mean on the listings screen?

There are a range of statuses in the ‘Declaration Status’ column on the NHS Pension Scheme Annual Income screen:

  • Draft – you have saved started your form and saved it for later
  • Pending - your accountant or advisor has completed your form on your behalf, and it is waiting for you to submit it
  • Declarated – you have declared that your form is completed with the correct information and submitted it to PCSE for processing
  • Approved – your form has been approved by PCSE. Your contributions data will be updated on your NHS Pensions record as long as you don’t have any missing years
  • Rejected - your form has been rejected by PCSE and needs to be corrected and resubmitted
  • Resubmitted – you have made corrections to your rejected form and submitted your form again for checking/processing by the PCSE Pensions team