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Overpayments and underpayments

When making a BACs/online banking pension payment, what should I put as the reference?

To make a BACS payment, you will need:

1.The NHS England bank account number and sort code

2.Your BACS reference

Please contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre to access the bank details. We cannot provide this publicly or via email for security purposes.

Your BACS reference is made up of:

  • ​Your GP pension scheme number (8 characters)
  • Info on the form this relates to eg LOC for locum payments: 3 characters
  • Date: consisting of month (3 characters) and year (4 characters)
  • For example, if your GP Pension scheme number (or SD number) is 12345678, the payment is for locum pension contributions and it is being made in May 2020, your BACS reference would be 12345678LOCMAY2020.This ensures that your payment is matched accurately to your pension.
Can my practice spread any payments owed?

PCSE does not have the facility to enable practices to spread payments owed over multiple months. Any arrears of contributions must be paid in full, immediately.

Any arrangements for GPs to spread any payments owed to practices would be made directly between the GP and practice.